Alvin Tam - Professional Acrobatic-Fitness Coach

Alvin Tam

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Alvin Tam

Professional Acrobatic-Fitness Coach

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“Being a Soul Acrobat is about learning to train your body and mind - it's the ability to move with purpose and integrity through life while discovering new perspectives. It's about uniting the mind with the body, adding passion to purpose, and transforming obstacles into opportunities.”


Alvin Tam, a professional circus artist, acrobatic-fitness coach, motivational speaker, and world traveller. He has toured in over 200 cites around the globe on 4 continents, performing in diverse shows, television, film, and circuses such as the musical Notre Dame de Paris, CSI, and Cirque du Soleil. Alvin is passionate about exploring the realms of the impossible in body and in mind, understanding the roots of fear, and discovering new perspectives on everything. You’ll more likely find him riding his unicycle down the street than driving his car.

At the age of 18, Alvin left Edmonton, Canada to travel the world and to pursue his passion for performing. His journey led him to Montreal, where he spent four years training in acrobatics, trampoline, dance, juggling and clown at the renowned National Circus School. Upon graduating (yes, you can graduate from circus school), he began his career in a casino show in Atlantic City as a member of the acrobatic troupe followed by a touring contract in Japan to perform in a children’s physical theater show. He then returned to the United States to tour with an American circus with his solo Chinese pole act. After a year on the road, Alvin switched performing genres and began a run with the musical Notre Dame de Paris which toured in Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Alvin made his directorial debut with Kosmogonia, a 900 seat exterior circus-theatre show. In 2002 Alvin was invited to help create and perform in the biggest Cirque du Soleil show to date in Las Vegas, KÀ, as an aerial acrobat, stunt performer and character actor.