Julie Chertow - Human Touch Wellness Council Member

Julie chertow

Julie Chertow

Julie chertow

Bodyworker and Essential Oils Educator

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“I have utilized a massage chair in my healing studio for many years, both for my clients and myself very successfully. It has made a big difference, not only for them, but also for me as their body worker, in that it began taking me a lot less time to get them present and relaxed. And at the end of a long day of giving sessions, I am grateful for my Human Touch massage chair, which helps me easily relax and restore my energy.”


Body worker Julie Chertow began her practice in 1983 after completing her studies at the Massage School of Santa Monica. Julie spent many years of her healing practice serving the film and music industries and traveling on tours with artists such as Madonna, George Michael and others, as well as providing her much needed bodywork treatments on the sets and studios of movies, TV shows, music videos, TV commercials and music recording sessions.

In 1997, Julie began working with Young Living Essential Oils and has trained extensively with Dr. Gary Young, the founder. Her thorough, practical and experiential knowledge of the oils is applied everyday in both her personal life and healing practice. She teaches a profound and unique specialized spinal technique called “The Raindrop Technique” developed by Dr. Young, which combines his own knowledge with that of a Lokota Medicine man to help align the electrical energies in the central nervous system and the spinal column, and support the release of inflammation, spasms and viruses that hibernate along the spine.

Currently, Julie’s clientele extends throughout Los Angeles, Oregon and New York.