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Renowned Runner, Author, Lecturer and Coach

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“My mission is to help people improve the quality of their lives through physical activity, body care, and eating energizing foods of quality. The right wellness program is one that includes a balance of activities to empower the individual every day.”


A 1972 Olympian who ran the 10,000 meter race and was an alternate on the marathon team, Jeff Galloway's injury-free running is the basis of his more than a dozen books on running, including Marathon You Can Do It! and the best-selling running book in North America Galloway's Book on Running. As a former All-American runner at Wesleyan University, Galloway’s running accomplishments include breaking the US 10-mile record (47:49) in 1973, holding a six-mile best of 27:21, competing as a member of the US National team in 1973, competing for the USA in the 1975 International Cross Country Championships and running over 100 marathons, in many cases finishing in the top 10. He also served on the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, designing a heritage program to bring the Olympic excitement and fitness into area schools. Galloway is also a regular contributor to Runner's World magazine where his articles are a source of information and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of beginners, recreational runners, aspiring marathoners and time goal runners-every year. As the designer of the run-walk-run method, Galloway has worked with over 250,000 average people in training for specific fitness goals and has inspired marathoners around the world to adopt his method, leading to an over 98% success rate. As founder of Phidippides, an Atlanta-based running specialty store that combines state-of-the-art product with expert guidance in the selection of running shoes, Jeff is able to continue is life long passion of bringing more people into the positive world of exercise.  He conducts over 200 fitness/wellness seminars and talks each year.

Extended Facts:

      • Accelerade: "the sports drink I recommend for hydration, and more"
      • Cooper Complete Vitamins "have the best quality and research I've seen"
      • Endurox R4: "the best recovery drink, based upon research"
      • Mizuno: State-of-the-art shoes and clothing
      • The Stick: "A great self massage tool that can speed recovery and speed muscle healing"
      • Runner's World Magazine
    • US Olympian - Jeff qualified for the 1972 Olympics in the 10,000 meters and as an alternate for the marathon.
    • Runner's World columnist
    • Inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year
    • He has worked with over 150,000 average people in training for specific goals and is the inventor of the Galloway RUN-WALK method.
    • Author of top selling running books such as Galloway's Book on Running (2002), Marathon: You Can Do It! (2001), Getting Back in Shape: 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness (co-authored in 2007), Half-Marathon: You Can Do It (2006), Walking: The Complete Book (2005), Fit Kids Smarter Kids (2007), Running: A Year Round Plan (2005), Women's Guide to Walking and Running (2007), Running Until You're 100 (2007), Running: Testing Yourself (2005)
    • Has a website dedicated to injury-free running
    • Ecoaches on this site
    • His innovative ideas have opened up the possibility of running and completing a marathon to almost everyone. Philosophically, Jeff believes that we were all designed to run and walk, and he keeps finding ways to bring more people into the positive world of exercise.
    • Has completed over 116 marathons
    • Owns two Phidippides stores in Atlanta
    • Supervises Galloway Productions, which conducts dozens of fitness seminars throughout North America, fitness vacations to Greece and Lake Tahoe, and training groups in 40-50 cities a year
    • Endorsed Products