Human Touch bodySpa:

Ride the wave to wellness, comfort and relaxation.

The ultimate combination of massage, heat, and relaxation therapy.
Wash away pain, stress and health issue—without getting wet. The Human Touch® Body Spa™ with Drywave® massage puts the health and wellness benefits of massage, warmth and hydrotherapy in a comfortable, convenient bed that fits anywhere in your home.
MASSAGE CONTROLLER — It's all at your fingertips
  • DEEP-TISSUE MASSAGE: Non-irritating, conforming water jets massage and relax sore, aching muscles, joints and soft tissue.
  • THERAPEUTIC HEAT: Soothing warmth helps relieve pain, enhances circulation, improves flexibility, and promotes faster repair and regeneration of injured tissue.
  • TRAVELING JET SYSTEM: The patented jet system delivers a heated water stream that conforms to the body, providing an effective, immersive massage experience.
  • PERSONALIZED CONTROL: With four pressure options and three auto-massage programs, the convenient remote control makes it easy to customize massage intensity, temperature, duration, zones, speed, and travel direction.

MSRP: $6,999