Human Touch HT-102 Robotic Massage Chair, Featuring Patented HumanTouch Robotic Massage Chairs Technology:

HT-102 Massage Chair

HT 102 Black - Wells Up
HT 102 Black - Wells Up

HT-102 Massage Chair

In the Human Touch HT-102 massage chair, you have your own personal masseuse at your command, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Similar to the HT-100 massage chair, the HT-102 has 3 back massage programs and a two-speed retractable foot and calf massager. Sit down in the HT-102 massage chair and let the multi-patented Human Touch massage system™ do what it does best – replicate the massage techniques used by massage therapists and orthopedists.

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HT-102 Features

The Human Touch HT-102 robotic massage chair is prepared to offer you comfort and stress relief at a touch of a button. Each Human Touch massage chair is built strong, with the best quality materials and craftsmanship, and yet gentle and comforting, to become a friend your back can rely on.

  • 3 invigorating massage programs

    3 invigorating massage programsOptimal results come from targeted treatment. Choose from three massage programs that fit your needs and desires. Get a great total-back massage or focus on your lower or upper back.

  • penetrating neck massage

    penetrating neck massageSimply removing the head pillow reveals an intelligently placed cloth window that enables the advanced massage system to provide a closer, more intense neck massage.

  • 4 professional massage techniques

    4 professional massage techniquesTarget any of the four expert massage techniques to your back’s own trouble spots, for powerful, therapeutic relief. Massage techniques include Rolling, Kneading, Compression and Percussion.

  • foot and calf massager

    foot and calf massagerMassaging calves in an upward, rolling motion, the rotating, multi-speed unit forces blood away from the feet toward the body’s core, allowing fresh, nutrient rich blood to re-enter the calves and feet for healing and soothing comfort. Only Human Touch offers this patented technology.

  • power recline

    power reclinePersonalize the angle of your massage chair with just a push of a button. The further you go back, the greater the massage intensity, so recline slowly until you discover the perfect spot.

  • curve track contours the spine

    curve track contours the spineNo two spines are alike, which is why we customize our massage chairs to yours.

HT-102 Massage Programs

HT-102 Massage Programs

The Human Touch HT-102 robotic massage chair has three 15-minute full-body massage programs to suit your body’s needs and wants. You can choose to add or subtract the foot and calf massage from the program.

  • refresh entire back

    refresh entire back massage program

    The auto-massage program series of combined functions provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage for the entire back, leaving it refreshed and you feeling rejuvenated.

  • relieve neck and shoulders

    relieve neck and shoulders massage program

    The auto-massage program for the neck and shoulders provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage, relieving your upper back tension and leaving you feeling energized.

  • release lower back

    release lower back massage program

    Whether you have an office or a warehouse job, the 15 minutes of invigorating lower back auto-massage program is perfect for soothing a sore back after a hard day's work.

HT-102 Massage Techniques

HT-102 Massage Techniques

Human Touch Technology® starts with a patented mechanism that works like “wrists and arms”. We added “hands”- massage rollers that move three-dimensionally on a straight track.

  • rolling

    rolling massage technique

    Rolling technique applies constant pressure while rolling gently up and down your back near your spine. Warms and loosens your muscles, preparing your back for a deeper massage. Relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and relaxes the back. This technique is especially useful for relaxing the lower back.

  • kneading

    kneading massage technique

    Kneading relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles. Improves deeper blood and lymph circulation and helps bring vital nutrients to the spinal area, also helps clear out the toxins from muscle and nerve tissue in the area. Kneads your back in a small, circular motion on both sides of your spine simultaneously.

  • compression

    compression massage technique

    Spreads and applies pressure to deep muscle tissue, forcing it to relax, while the rocking motion loosens spinal joints. Aids in muscle and joint repair due to strain from exercise, long hours bent over a desk, or just day-to-day stress, and can improve mobility and overall posture. Compression induces blood flow to the areas and softens the tissues.

  • percussion

    percussion massage technique

    Alternate rapid-tapping strokes stimulate spinal muscles and spinal joint areas. Flexes spinal joints and relieves pressure on the spinal column, invigorating entire back and releasing tension and cramping from muscles in spasm. These movements stimulate circulation, tone and strengthen muscles, especially the soft tissue areas.

HT-102 Specifications

Upright Dimensions44.00"L X 28.00"W X 45.00"H
Reclined Chair Dimensions68.00"L X 28.00"H
Weight138 lbs
Seat Width20"
Distance to Wall13.50"
Recline Angle120-170 Degrees
Massage Range27", Height Control
Chair Recline OperationPower
Otto Recline OperationManual
Auto Shut-Off15 minutes
Warranty5 Year Limited
Shipping Box Dimensions46.50"L X 30.50"W X 29.50"H
Part Number(s): Black: HT-102-100-021