The Human Touch HT-1470 Massage Cushion With Heat – Light And Portable Massage Pad That Fits Almost Any Chair Or Couch!:

HT 1470 Back Massage Pad

HT 1470 Back Massage Pad
HT 1470 Back Massage Pad

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HT 1470 Back Massage Pad

The Human Touch HT-1470 is a luxurious, top-of-the-line massage cushion, featuring an ergonomic ultra-slim design that fits almost any sofa or chair. Enjoy both extended quad-point rolling and kneading massages. The HT-1470 massage cushion reaches from your shoulders all the way to the lower back. Perfect for your computer chair, the Human Touch HT-1470 has received the Editor’s Choice Award from the Computer Times Journal. This massaging chair pad hides some of the most advanced massage systems available today.

The Human Touch HT-1470 Back Massage Pad currently ships for Free!

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HT 1470 Features

The Human Touch HT-1470’s thin-profile ergonomic design fits comfortably with virtually any chair or sofa. Extended HumanTouch quad-point rolling and kneading massage system covers 25 percent more back area than competing massage cushions, providing soothing relief for the entire back

  • full back massage

    full back massageExtended-reach quad-point massage system delivers a rolling and kneading massage from the lower back all the way to the shoulders – covering 25% more back area than competing massage pads.

  • upper and lower back heat

    upper and lower back heatTherapeutic heat prepares muscles to receive maximum benefit from a fullback massage.

  • slim design

    slim designUltra-thin, soft-body, ergonomic design form fits the body and fi ts almost any chair or sofa.

  • memory foam seat pad

    memory foam seat padVisco-elastic foam seat pad molds to the body, providing optimum comfort for each individual user.

  • massage controller

    massage controllerEasily personalize your massage experience to include a full-back or targeted massage, and with or without heat.

HT 1470 Massage Programs

HT 1470 Massage Programs

The Human Touch HT-1470 Massaging Cushion has three 15-minute massage programs to suit your body’s needs and wants. Neck/shoulder relief, back refresh or lower back release are all at your disposal at a touch of a button.

  • refresh entire back

    refresh entire back massage program

    The auto-massage program series of combined functions provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage for the entire back, leaving it refreshed and you feeling rejuvenated.

  • relieve neck and shoulders

    relieve neck and shoulders massage program

    The auto-massage program for the neck and shoulders provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage, relieving your upper back tension and leaving you feeling energized.

  • release lower back

    release lower back massage program

    Whether you have an office or a warehouse job, the 15 minutes of invigorating lower back auto-massage program is perfect for soothing a sore back after a hard day's work.

HT 1470 Massage Techniques

HT 1470 Massage Techniques

The Human Touch HT-1470 Massaging Cushion utilizes the Human Touch Technology® to provide extended quad-point rolling and kneading massage that reaches from the lower back all the way to the shoulders.

  • rolling

    rolling massage technique

    Rolling technique applies constant pressure while rolling gently up and down your back near your spine. Warms and loosens your muscles, preparing your back for a deeper massage. Relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and relaxes the back. This technique is especially useful for relaxing the lower back.

  • kneading

    kneading massage technique

    Kneading relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles. Improves deeper blood and lymph circulation and helps bring vital nutrients to the spinal area, also helps clear out the toxins from muscle and nerve tissue in the area. Kneads your back in a small, circular motion on both sides of your spine simultaneously.

HT-1470 Specifications

Back Pad Dimensions28.25"L X 19.50"W X 5.25"H
Back Pad and Chair combined Dimensions44.75"L X 20.50"W X 3.75"H
Seat Pad Thickness4"
Massager Weight13 lbs
Cord Length69"
Power Consumption30 Watts
Backrest Height (Seated Position)28.25"
Maximum User Weight270 Lbs.
Limited Warranty2 Years
Shipping Box Dimensions29.5"L X 8.50"W X 20.75"H
Part Number(s): Black: 200-1470-001