HT-3020 Manhattan Massage Chair

HT-3020 Manhattan Wall-Hugger Massage Recliner
HT-3020 Manhattan Wall-Hugger Massage Recliner

HT-3020 Manhattan Massage Chair

If you’ve ever been to Manhattan, you know it has a certain verve and panache all its own. The same can be said of its namesake - the new Human Touch® HT-3020 Manhattan Wall-Hugger Massage Chair. Beautifully blending the aesthetics of an upscale recliner with wellness benefits of a massage chair, this new creation redefines luxury and healthy living.

HT-3020 Upholstery
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Customers are Saying...
"I love the chair. I would recommend it to anyone with back pain or any kind of stress. I always end up falling asleep in it."
- Rachel Radtke
Experts are Saying...
"I recommend regular massage in massage chairs to many of my patients. It’s a great way for them to maintain the wellness work we do in my practice, as well as an effective means to keep mind and body functioning at peak capacity."
- Dr. John K. Maltby,
DC, FICA, International Chiropractic Association Chairman,
Human Touch Wellness Council Member

HT-3020 Manhattan Massage Programs

HT-3020 Manhattan Massage Programs

Refresh the entire back, relieve the neck and shoulders, or release the lower back with six auto-massage programs

  • sore muscle relief

    sore muscle relief massage program

    Revitalizes the body while soothing sore and aching muscles.

  • stress therapy

    stress therapy massage program

    Refreshes the senses by easing away hard-to-workout knots and kinks.

  • back wellness

    back wellness massage program

    Keeps aches and pains at bay with a custom massage that melts away lumbar soreness and tension.

  • day time relaxation

    day time relaxation

    Relieves aches and pains to rejuvenate body and mind any time of day.

  • night time soothing

    night time soothing massage program

    Promotes deeper sleep by easing stress and tension with a full-back massage.

  • sports and back therapy

    sports and back therapy massage program

    Prepares the body for activity and relaxes muscles and joints after exercise.

HT-3020 Specifications

Operating VoltageAC110-120V 60 Hz
Power Consumption60 Watts
Chair Size (upright)45" L x 34" W x 43" H
Chair Size (reclined)70" L x 34" W x 33" H
Product Weight106 Lbs.
Required Recline Clearance5"
Maximum Load Weight 285 Lbs.
Gross Weight(chair in box)144 Lbs.
Crate Length40"
Crate Width37"
Crate Height34"
Cubic Feet29 cubic ft.
WarrantyStandard Warranty, 3-Year Limited
Part Numbers: Espresso-Performance PU: 100-3020-001