Human Touch iJoy HT-2720 Robotic Massage Chair, Featuring Patented HumanTouch Robotic Massage Chairs Technology:

iJoy-2720 Robotic Massage® Chair

iJoy HT 2720 Black
iJoy HT 2720 Black

iJoy-2720 Robotic Massage® Chair

The iJoy® HT-2720 Robotic Massage® Chair is your ticket to tranquility. The iJoy-2720 massage chair lets you customize your massage using a wide variety of massage modes with three shoulder height adjustments. In just 15 minutes per day, this stylish, technologically advanced chair expertly melts away the tension and stress of everyday life, alleviating pain, improving relaxation and soothing sore muscles. While it may not cost a fortune, its leather-like upholstery looks and feels like a million bucks. Discover the iJOY® and enjoy a beautiful massage from a beautiful chair.

iJoy HT-2720 Upholstery
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iJoy-2720 Features

There's a reason the iJoy is the most popular piece of furniture in any room. In fact, there are many reasons. These advanced, fashion-forward chairs are loaded with the things dreams are made of. Or, should we say, sweet dreams.

  • Relief Zone

    Relief ZoneFlip back the head pillow to reveal a 'relief zone', a unique feature that allows for a penetrating, deep-tissue cervical massage.

  • Ergonomic Contour Back

    Ergonomic Contour BackErgonomic contours provide exceptional comfort and back support with or without engaging the Human Touch Robot. This ensures that the iJoy is a comfortable chair to sit in, even when you are not getting an invigorating massage.

  • Retractable Cup Holder

    Retractable Cup HolderFingertip-released, pop-out cup holder provides instant refreshment support.

  • Panoramic Swivel Base with Transport Roller

    Panoramic Swivel Base with Transport RollerThe chair rests on a swivel base that rotates left and right. A transport roller on back of the base allows for mobility.

iJoy-2720 Massage Programs

HT-2720 Massage Programs

The iJoy-2720 robotic massage chair has a pre-programmed series of combined functions for your entire, upper and lower back. All you need to do is push a button and enjoy a relaxing massage.

  • refresh entire back

    refresh entire back massage program

    The auto-massage program series of combined functions provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage for the entire back, leaving it refreshed and you feeling rejuvenated.

  • relieve neck and shoulders

    relieve neck and shoulders massage program

    The auto-massage program for the neck and shoulders provides 15 minutes of invigorating massage, relieving your upper back tension and leaving you feeling energized.

  • release lower back

    release lower back massage program

    Whether you have an office or a warehouse job, the 15-minute invigorating lower back auto-massage program is perfect for soothing a sore back after a hard day's work.

iJoy-2720 Massage Techniques

HT-2720 Massage Techniques

Human Touch Technology® starts with a patented mechanism that works like “wrists and arms”. We added “hands” - massage rollers that move three-dimensionally on a straight track.

  • rolling

    rolling massage technique

    Rolls gently up and down your back near your spine, gently alternating side-to-side, to warm up and loosen your muscles and prepare your back for deeper massage. Rolling massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and relaxes the back. Use rolling mode on its own or combine it with any other massage mode.

  • kneading

    kneading massage technique

    Kneads your back in small, circular motion on both sides of your spine simultaneously, relieving tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles. Kneading improves circulation and helps bring vital nutrients to the spinal area.

  • compression

    compression massage technique

    Presses on spinal muscles and spinal joint areas using alternating strokes and a gentle rocking motion, emulating a technique used in sports medicine and in spinal therapy by chiropractors. Compression spreads and puts pressure on deep muscle tissue, forcing it to relax, while the rocking motion loosens spinal joints. This technique aids in muscle and joint repair due to strain from exercise, long hours bent over a desk, or just day-to-day stress, and can improve mobility and overall posture.

  • percussion

    percussion massage technique

    Alternating rapid-tapping strokes along the spine stimulate both spinal muscles and spinal joint areas, emulating the percussive massage technique used in sports medicine for deep muscle therapy. Percussion massage flexes spinal joints and relieves pressure on the spinal column, invigorating the entire back area.

iJoy-2720 Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions40"L X 35"W X 43"H
Reclined Chair Dimensions57"L X 35"W X 27"H
Distance to Wall19"
Weight101 lbs
Recline OperationManual
Recline Angle112-160 Degrees
Massage Robot2 motor, Quad Roller
Shipping Box Dimensions39"L X 36"W X 30"H
Container Quantity80 Units
Part Number(s): Black SōfHyde: 100-2720-001
Bone SōfHyde: 100-2720-002

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