new year resolution: Lose Weight & Tone Muscles
HT Solutions: iJoy Ride & iJoy Board

Who said exercise has to be boring? The Human Touch iJoy Ride makes it fun to effectively firm and strengthen four core muscle groups - hips, abs, lumbar and obliques - right at home! Choose from several unique exercise options and tighten up your body without putting pressure or stress on joints. Take a seat on an iJoy Ride and ride your way to a fitter you.

The best workouts aren't work at all. The iJoy Board from Human Touch brings home all the excitement and exercise benefits of board sports, offering an effective way to flatten your stomach and strengthen your legs and core muscles. Just hop on the non-slip balance trainer platform, select your program and speed using the wireless remote control, and experience the interactive exhilaration of a realistic board ride - while burning calories and toning muscles.