Human Touch - History and Vision

Our History & Vision

Feel Better with Human Touch

Making people feel better for nearly 35 years

As the leading supplier of massage chairs in the United States, Human Touch develops state-of-the-art massage products featuring patented massage systems that replicate the techniques used by massage professionals. Combining advanced technology and attractive design, Human Touch innovations are perfectly suited for today’s modern and traditional living spaces. Our customers include serious athletes looking to recover from intensive training, thousands of chiropractors who integrate a therapeutic massage on a Human Touch chair into their professional services, back pain sufferers looking to reduce their aches and pains, and everyday people looking for a respite from the stress of today’s lifestyle.
Dr. John K. Maltby I've been using and promoting Human Touch products for 15 years. It's the only massage chair brand I use and offer in my practice."
- Dr. John K. Maltby
DC, FICA , International Chiropractic Association Chairman
Human Touch Wellness Council Member
Live Better with Human Touch

Looking to the next 35 years and beyond

With a proven history of successful innovation and an unwavering commitment to reinventing immersive wellness solutions, Human Touch will continue to pioneer groundbreaking products that enable people to alleviate pain and escape stress so they can feel better and enjoy more productive lives. From our award-winning massage chairs and zero-gravity Perfect Chairs, to foot and calf massagers and relaxation furniture, we’re dedicated to creating products that become a valuable part of people's daily routines and help them improve wellness and do what they do - better.
Dr. Hoon KimMy approach to patient care emphasizes preventing illnesses before they occur, rather than simply treating them. This includes incorporating Human Touch products into the everyday wellness regimen – including my own.
- Dr. Hoon Kim
Ph.D., Acupuncturist and Medical Qigong Practitioner
Human Touch Wellness Council Member