Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-095 Zero-Gravity Recliner Chair, Inspired by the NASA Neutral-Body Posture Studies:

PC-095 Classic Power Perfect Chair® Zero-Gravity Recliner

Ivory Leather + Maple Base
Ivory Leather + Maple Base

PC-095 Classic Power Perfect Chair® Zero-Gravity Recliner

For a stylish and comfortable zero-gravity recliner, look no further than the Human Touch PC-095 Perfect Chair®! The PC-095 combines zero-gravity technology with a unique balance of sitting comfort, back support, aesthetics and design, delivering the finest way to neutral, relaxing posture. The PC-095 Perfect Chair® Zero-Gravity Recliner is ergonomically shaped with an adjustable headrest to let you customize the angle of comfort for your head and neck. The electric recline system gently and effortlessly moves you into a full-recline position.

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Customers are Saying...
"I just got my Perfect Chair four days ago, and I think the best description for it really is "PERFECT"! I'd been wanting one of these chairs for quite some time since I first saw one. I have major back problems and have a really hard time finding chairs that are comfortable for me to sit in, but this chair is awesome!"
- Phillis V.
Experts are Saying...
"The Human Touch Perfect Chair is the best chair on the market for my purposes of developing products and techniques to enhance the profession of massage using vibro-acoustic sound. I spent over a year researching chairs and nothing comes close. In addition, Human Touch massage chairs have the most sophisticated approach I have seen for delivering pre-programmed massage to key areas of the body including acu-points and other reflex zones for promoting healing and balance."
- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Doctor of Chiropractic,
Center for Neuroacoustic Research

PC-095 Features

The Human Touch Zero Gravity PC-095 Perfect Chair®, with its unique balance of back support, seating comfort, aesthetics and architectural design, delivers the optimum mode for neutral posture. Sit back in a PC-095 recliner, relax, and the take the weight off your back.

  • electric recline system

    electric recline systemA smooth-functioning, high-performance recline system with whisper-quiet motors eases the chair from upright to full recline in less than 15 seconds. And you control your journey from sitting to floating with an unobtrusive, easy-to use fingertip recline lever.

  • rugged frame and rails

    rugged frame and railsThe high-tensile-strength steel body frame is powder-coated with a durable and protective surface that ensures a long life free from rust and discoloration. And the graceful, nickel-plated guide rails ensure smooth recline motion.

  • solid wood base

    solid wood baseUsing only 100% renewable, plantation-grown solid parawood, highly trained Human Touch master woodworkers hand-carve and hand-finish the signature balanced curves supporting the Perfect Chair. As one of the strongest woods on earth, the Havea Brasiliensis (rubber tree) ensures durability and beauty for years of use. Choose from 4 attractive finishes.

  • genuine leather and sofsuede

    genuine leather and sofsuedeSofSuede, leather or premium leather upholstery covers the massage chair from head to toe, including the arms.

PC-095 Specifications

Upright Dimensions41"L X 31"W X 48"H
Reclined Dimensions62"L X 29"H
Reclined Head27"H
Seat Width23"
Distance to Wall12"
Gross weight89 lbs
Recline OperationPower
Recline Angle125-175 Degrees
WarrantyStandard Warranty, 3-Year Limited
Shipping Box Dimensions42"L X 30"W X 26"H
Part Number(s): Dark Walnut: PC-095-100-006
Walnut: PC-095-100-008
Maple: PC-095-100-005
SōfSuede : Cashew: PC-PAD-500-041
Bonded Leather : Espresso: PC-PAD-500-042
Bonded Leather : Black : PC-PAD-500-043
Bonded Leather : Ivory : PC-PAD-500-044
Bonded Leather : Cashew : PC-PAD-500-045
Bonded Leather : Red : PC-PAD-500-049
Premium Leather : Cognac: PC-PAD-500-046
Premium Leather : Black: PC-PAD-500-048
Premium Leather : Espresso: PC-PAD-500-047