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The service you deliver is what makes you a leader, not just the products you make.

Human Touch® products are all easy to maintain and are made from the finest materials. The internal mechanics of our massage chairs are specifically designed to be maintenance-free and their rugged construction should withstand frequent use. We offer a complete warranty against defects and adhere to the strictest quality standards in manufacturing. But, we know that in reality, no one’s perfect. For whatever reason, your product might need to be repaired or serviced. Our customer support processes were developed to get your product up and running in the most professional and efficient manner possible. You rest easy knowing that your problem will be handled with the best care by a professional Human Touch Customer Service Representative. Call us at (800) 355-2762 to talk with a Customer Service Representative.

Troubleshooting Guides and Support

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Many of the products that Human Touch sells are modular in design. This design permits many repairs to be performed by the consumer in their own home with parts and instructions supplied by Human Touch. For consumers that need additional attention, our customer service team can talk you through common diagnostic issues.

Our Troubleshooting Guides will help walk you through basic troubleshooting steps. It will help you resolve common problems, or help assist you in identifying what parts you may require.  This, followed by a single call to Human Touch Customer Support to place your parts order, and you are back on the road to relaxation. (800) 355-2762

The Troubleshooting Guides and Repair Instructions are designed to help walk you through basic troubleshooting steps for your specific chair. If you are uncomfortable with the repairs or uncertain about your skill sets or ability to perform any of the actions prescribed, please call Human Touch Customer Support for assistance. (800) 355-2762