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Human Touch has long defined and continues to reimagine the systems, components and innovations that lead the massage and home wellness industry. The culmination of millions of dollars in research over 30 years, Human Touch has developed, owns and incorporates numerous multi-patented, proprietary systems that expertly replicate the techniques used by massage professionals. And we’re always working to introduce revolutionary new ideas and solutions that help people feel better®.
  • Human Touch is the only Robotic Massage® chair tested and recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic as a valid supplement to back care therapies.
  • Human Touch® first introduced products utilizing Robotic Massage® technology in 1979 with the Acu-Massage Table® for medical professionals, institutions and professional athletes.
  • In 1985, we pioneered the Robotic Massage® chair with the first contoured tracking system designed to follow the S-curve of the spine.
  • In 1987, we launched our first multi-function massage system with advanced computer controls.
  • In the 1990s, Human Touch set new industry standards with Quad-Roller technology, a massage system so powerful it has dominated the category for a decade.
Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonI spent over a year researching chairs and nothing comes close to the Human Touch Perfect Chair. In addition, Human Touch massage chairs feature the most sophisticated approach I have seen for delivering pre-programmed massage to key areas of the body including acu-points and other reflex zones for promoting healing and balance.
- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC
Founder - Center for Neuroacoustic Research
Human Touch Wellness Council Member
Perfect Chair

The Perfection of Inspiration

We’re always working toward our next great idea, product and innovation. And nearly as often as we arrive at them using forward thinking, they come to us from a careful study of and healthy respect for the past. For instance, when creating our Perfect Chair®, we looked to NASA for the ideal seating angle to support the body in near zero-gravity comfort. And when conceiving our recently introduced Perfect Chair® Serenity®, we incorporated jade stones that naturally transmit far-infrared heat and have been used by health practitioners in the Far East for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties.

As we forge ahead, we’ll continue looking to long-proven wellness techniques and remedies, as well as the latest advancements in technology and wellness, to produce products that reshape the industry and rejuvenate people’s lives.
Dr. Hoon Kim, Ph.DThe jade found in the Perfect Chair Serenity™ chair consists of many of the same elements found in the human body. Because they emit similar frequencies, the jade stones’ vibration goes deeper into the cells while the far-infrared heat penetrates the muscle layer. The result is better circulation, increased blood oxygen levels and fast recovery from pain and disease.
- Dr. Hoon Kim, Ph.D.
Acupuncturist and Medical Qigong Practitioner
Human Touch Wellness Council Member