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I used to have intense muscle spasms in my back that would get so bad I felt as if I was in a vice. I first tried the Human Touch massage chair in my chiropractor’s office, and it gave me so much relief there, that I decided to purchase one for my home several years ago. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I use my Human Touch chair at least once a day for about 20 minutes to alleviate my chronic back pain and to reduce stress. And whenever I am fatigued or overly stressed I just spend a few moments in the chair and it relaxes me so I am able to return to my regular activities. One of my favorite features is the kneading massage, which provides a deep and soothing massage focused on my targeted pain areas. My Human Touch chair has enabled me to continue living my life and enjoying the things I like to do.
—Claudia, Utah, 80 years old
I suffer from a bad back so I started seeing a chiropractor a few years back to help alleviate the pain. My doctor had a Human Touch massage chair in his office and I really enjoyed using it in between my scheduled treatments.

I found the chair provided me additional relief, so I purchased one for my home. I find the chair works great for targeting specific pain areas in my back and neck. The relief allows me to enjoy an active lifestyle as well as to relieve stress after a long day in the office. My entire family loves the chair too, making it a great addition to our home.
—Dale Rushton, Utah, 47 years old
Dear Human Touch:

A few years ago I had an unfortunate incident while moving a large object that resulted in herniated disks, cervical spinal stenosis, and a full tear of my right-shoulder rotator cuff. As a result, I suffered sharp radiating pain from my shoulder blades up the base of my neck, causing a perpetual headache, constant tingling of my arms, wrists and hands, and a loss of sensitivity in my fingertips.

After a barrage of treatments and eventual surgery, I continue to have considerable discomfort in my neck, arms and hands that increases in intensity when I work on my computer, resulting in more debilitating headaches and difficulty maintaining my mental focus.

I was fortunate enough to get a Human Touch Perfect Chair several years ago. Though unsure what a zero-gravity chair really was at the time, I find that when I recline in this chair I reach a magic position in which I feel the pressure lifted from my aching spine and my neck, arm and hand pain being lifted away. I can actually relax, nearly pain free.

However, the largest reward for me has been the recent addition of a Perfect Chair Laptop Desk. I easily adjust my laptop angle to where I can use it most comfortably, empowering me to stay productive in complete comfort. Something I couldn’t do in a typical office chair.

Thank you Human Touch, from a very happy customer.
—DM, Irvine California
When I found that my arthritis was taking over my hips, legs, and lower back, I feared my mobility and lifestyle would be impeded. As a very active senior, I could not picture myself walking with a walker or cane.

A friend recommended your massage chairs so I purchased one and, to me, it’s literally saved my quality of life. It works absolute wonders for me and I could not exist without it. It enables me to get around without a walker, cane or wheelchair, which means the world to me.

Thank you so much for producing such a fine chair. It does work!
—Rubin Kleinberg, 85, Tamarac, FL
My wife and I bought a HT 9500X and a HT 6.0 last Christmas. We have been using them every day since. We typically take a 15 - 30 minute session after lunch and a 45 -60 minute session at about 8:00 pm. We both feel noticeable health benefits including better sleep quality, feeling more energetic and more relaxed in the daytime, and (amazingly) better blood glucose control.

My wife uses insulin injection to control her blood glucose. She was a health professional before retirement, and is quite knowledgeable about diabetes. She uses a hand-held glucose meter to monitor her blood glucose several times a day. Her fasting glucose level was typically about 85 in the morning before using the massage chair. Now her glucose level has been dropped to about 75. She is considering reducing her insulin injection.

I occasionally take fasting glucose measurement in the morning together with my wife. It was typically between 100 -110. before I start using my HT 9500X. Now the level is dropped to a very desirable range of 80 -90.

Both my wife and I need to use some sleeping aides (ambient, melatonin) from time to time. My wife has switched from ambient to melatonin, and she plans to wean from melatonin eventually. I don't need to take melatonin to have a good night's sleep now.

We had three massage chairs before we bought the HT, and our new chairs are by far have superior technologies.
—E. Liang, Las Vegas
You likely don't get this type of message often, but I am the owner of one of your massage chairs. HT136, Serial: A50050480. We have owned it as a family for 10 years. The chairs is used 2-3 times per day and continues to operate flawlessly -- never once have we serviced or repaired the chair for any reason. I just thought that there are so many products out there that are frankly disappointing, and yours has not been in any way, so I felt like informing your company.

Thanks, from a truly satisfied customer.
—Roseville, CA