Tim Clark - PGA Golfer - Human Touch Wellness Council Member

Tim Clark professional PGA golfer
"Human Touch therapeutic massage chairs have been very helpful in my recovery from a back/neck injury and in my return to the PGA Tour. I am interested in seeing if the product could be useful for other athletes (particularly golfers) with injuries." - Tim Clark.
"Wellness of the body leads to a better state of mind which leads to better performance" - Tim Clark.

Human Touch® and Tim Clark will help "drive" awareness of the benefits of everyday massage among recreational golfers and everyday consumers.

32-year-old Tim Clark understands that integrating daily therapeutic massage into everyday life is a key element to overcoming the physical and psychological wear and tear of life on the PGA tour. As such, therapeutic massage is something Clark has successfully incorporated into his daily routine, and credits his speedy recovery from a back and neck injury in 2007 to his ability to retreat daily to his Human Touch HT-7450 Zero-Gravity massage chair. Clark continues to use his Human Touch massage chair after a long day on the course for some much-needed muscular rejuvenation and pain relief.

“After helping in my recovery from a back and neck injury, the biggest benefit in owning a Human Touch therapeutic massage chair has been that it allows me to maintain my body from home. The chair’s versatility, comfort, endless massage programs and ability to target any area of my back is great while blending seamlessly into my living room,” says Clark. “Through the years I have used a massage therapist to maintain my body from the rigors of professional golf. Owning a Human Touch Massage Chair has allowed me to get the same results in my home any time I need it, whether it’s two in the afternoon or two in the morning.”

For years, Human Touch has been dedicated to creating massage-based products that help people achieve a wellness lifestyle while catering to their specific design needs.

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