Human Touch Wellness Council - committed to educating professionals

Human Touch Wellness Council

Human Touch's Wellness Council is committed to educating professionals, sports-enthusiasts, back pain sufferers and consumets alike on the importance and benefits of taking control of their daily lives, maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and maximizing their overall health and wellness lifestyle by incorporating regular massage into their "wellness" routine through the use of personal massage products. Human Touch has brought together influential persons, with a variety of wellness lifestyle experiences, to serve as members of the Wellness Council and to educate people from their own experience and practice of integrating massage into their everyday routine.

Human Touch recognizes its social responsibility and is proud to help individuals achieve wellness in their everyday lives, and by offering massage in affordable, accessible and stylish products. Human Touch empowers people to bring themselves one step closer to improving their overall quality of life.

Each Human Touch Wellness Council Member serves as an ambassador for the importance of daily massage, communicating their key wellness messages through online and offline media, community events and public forums.