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Former NFL Player, Hiram Eugene, Shares His Experience with the Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch recently connected with Hiram Eugene, a former NFL free safety for the Oakland Raiders. He was signed in 2006, and played for six seasons before a dislocated hip forced him to retire early from his NFL career.

Though he was able to have surgery on his hip, his pain continued to resonate from that - as well as many other - injuries resulting from playing professional football. After an intensive regimen of both physical therapy and pain management medication, he finally found a more manageable form of relief in the Human Touch Ascent Series Novo massage chair. He has been kind enough to invite us along for his journey to recovery. Here, you can read Hiram’s first-hand account of how he’s using his Novo to feel his best: 

My NFL career started in 2006 as an undrafted free agent with the Oakland Raiders, where I played Free Safety during my tenure. My career lasted until 2012 with a career - ending injury, due to a left hip dislocation.

As most players in the NFL I have had numerous injuries. I suffered from hamstring pulls, both ankle sprains, a torn Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) on the left knee, left calf muscle pull, a torn Pectoral muscle on right arm, a hyperextended left elbow, jammed right hip, stingers (which resulted in me having the thoracic outlet syndrome), an L5 and S1 disassociation in my lower back, and lastly what ended my career which is a dislocated left hip.

Enduring these numerous injuries, I am mostly affected by tightness/stiffness/soreness in my lower back, joint tightness/soreness in left hip, and stiffness/tingling/inflammation/numbness in my neck.

My attraction to the Novo massage chair was that it really does have the touch of human hands giving you a firm massage, and it also has a recliner mode that helps you relax while you receive that massage.

Hiram Eugene Enjoying His Novo at Home

I have been able to use my Novo massage chair 3-5 times a week, depending on my daily schedule. I usually try to get into the chair in the early afternoon, and if possible at night before bed. One particularly helpful way I’ve begun to use the chair is after a hot tub bath, since it helps me to find a more peaceful sleep. I mostly sit down, and put the auto-massage program to the cloud touch/manual knead with percussion and heat, and I love the foot and calf massage.

I have been seeing a doctor for pain medicine, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory medicines. I was also attending physical therapy two times the week and seeing a massage therapist and acupuncturist once a week. However, using my Novo regularly has decreased my pain levels and given me a little better mobility. With better mobility I don't have to take my medications as often, and the combined heat with low back massage generates blood flow which allows me to get a little more done throughout the day.

Hopefully this progress continues, so that I can cut even further back on my pain medication and decrease my need for physical therapy. I will continue to use my Novo massage chair regularly, and update you on my progress! 

2020-02-28 12:52:49
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