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Human Touch Revolutionizes the Industry with the Novo Massage Chair

Long Beach, CA Human Touch®, the United States market leader of innovative massage, health and wellness products, officially announced the introduction of its Novo massage chair, designed to supercharge its users’ daily ritual and gain a high performance edge.

The Novo helps to rejuvenate the body and is perfect to help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts. Its distinctive unibody design follows a unique L-track that massages the entire back, past the hips and down to the glutes. It also features a custom super stretch, Bluetooth speakers, lumbar heat, cloud touch acupressure, extending foot-and-calf massage, and zero-gravity massage. With 30 auto wellness programs and an easy-to-use LCD controller, the Novo massage chair is endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic as an optimal way to improve spinal health and relieve overall stress.

“Millions of Americans suffer from unhealthy levels of stress, which not only takes a toll on a person’s mental wellbeing, but physical health as well,” says Dr. James Rouse, ND, a naturopathic doctor and Human Touch® Wellness Council authority. “The Novo is the perfect addition to any daily lifestyle regimen, providing essential health and quality of life benefits, such as stress relief, pain reduction and improved sleep.”

Key Novo features and benefits include:

30 Auto-Wellness Programs, including full-body immersion, rocking motion, and an effective collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs.
Zero-Gravity Massage. Ergonomic zero-gravity seating provides extra relief of back pain and reduced pressure on the vertebrae, allowing your large muscles to completely relax for a restorative massage.
An L- track that covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional chairs, extending high performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your thighs.
Extending Foot-and-Calf Massage with adjustable intensity for calves and feet, and under-foot reflexology roller massage.
Full Body Stretch to stretch the spine and increase blood flow to the vertebrae and discs, effectively rejuvenating the lower back.
Cloud Touch Acupressure. Strategically placed targeted aircells apply to pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.
Lumbar Heat. Using Human Touch Air Technology®, heat flows continually to target the lumbar area, gently soothing tight muscles and relieving pain.
Bluetooth Speakers to enhance the relaxation of your massage with the sounds of your favorite music.

“The Novo massage chair is the newest addition to the Human Touch Ascent Series product line, and is quickly becoming one of our top-selling wellness solutions,” said David Wood, CEO of Human Touch. “It’s the perfect solution for people who maintain an active lifestyle, because it helps them to prepare for and recover from physical activity using the world’s most advanced massage technology. We’re pleased to offer the Novo as a high-end chair that focuses on performance, combined with a modern design that is unlike any other chair on the market.”

The Novo massage chair is now available in red, cream, brown, black, or blue SōfHyde with a retail price of $7,999.

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2020-02-27 12:46:30
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