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Wellness Council Member, David Marcarian, Shares an Inadvertent Benefit of Human Touch Chairs

So, the impact Human Touch has on my life, and the lives of all I know who own their products is uncanny.  I am assuming Human Touch is NOT tracking my physical health (as far as I know).  I recently purchased a Human Touch PC 8500 chair, and did so without knowledge of a circulation issue with one of my legs.  You know…varicose veins, but in my case they were severe and only on one side. Quite unusual.  I immediately went to my primary care physician, who stated that this was the worst case he had seen.  He recommended surgery, but in the mean time to get compression stockings to compensate for gravity.  He said: “You know, one good trick is to make sure to put the compression stockings on while in bed before gravity has had a chance to negatively impact the effect of the compression stockings.  He also recommended sitting with my leg raised. 

It hit me:  Not only does the PC8500 solve the problem of keeping my leg raised: It is one of the main features of the chair, but now I have a way to apply compression stockings which significantly improve their effectiveness.

For compression socks to be truly effective, it is best to put them on when in a position which puts your legs above your heart.  Ideally putting your feet in the air for 10 minutes or so prior to putting on compression socks helps by ensuring blood is not pooled in your feet prior to applying the compression socks.

Before starting my day, I grab a pair of compression stockings, get in the chair putting it in the position with my legs almost straight up, and sit for a few minutes while the blood drains from my legs.  It works so well that you can actually see the varicose veins disappear.  After this short period, I simply put on the compression stockings and start my day!  Watching TV or working in this position means putting off the need for surgery just a bit longer, and provides peace of mind, that I’m not further stressing my body for no reason.

Thank you Human Touch for such brilliant designs!  It is as though the designers at Human Touch are themselves human, and therefore seem to know precisely what “us humans” actually need.

David Marcarian, MA

2020-02-28 12:56:33
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