WholeBody® HT-5040 Massage Chair

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Take a seat in your Human Touch HT-5040 WholeBody massage chair and kick back and enjoy a deep, invigorating massage. Looking as great as it makes you feel, this amazing massage chair features many of our top-notch massage functions that soothe and relax your sore, tired muscles and relieve your stress in one great package.
  • 5 Professional Massage Techniques
  • Foot and Calf Massager
  • 3 Invigorating Massage Programs
  • Ergonomic Head Pillow
  • Full-Body Stretch

WholeBody® HT-5040 Massage Chair

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  • 5 Professional Massage Techniques

    Expert massage techniques target your back’s trouble spots for powerful, therapeutic relief. 

  • Figure-Eight Foot and Calf Massager

    The rotating, multi-speed unit forces blood away from the feet toward the body’s core, allowing fresh, nutrient rich blood to circulate for healing and soothing comfort. 

  • 3 Invigorating Massage Programs

    Choose from three massage programs that fit your needs and desires. Get a great total-back massage or focus on your lower or upper back.

  • Full-Body Stretch

    As the foot and calf massage wells gently hold your legs, the massage chair slowly reclines, stretching the spine to increase blood flow to the vertebrae and discs, effectively rejuvenating the lower back.

  • Robust Design

    Rich SōfHyde upholstery, contrast stitching, squared tailoring and a robustly designed form give the HT-5040 a substantial, indulgent look and feel. 

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Tech Specs

Upright Chair Dimensions45"L X 29"W X 44"H
Reclined Dimensions72"L X 29"W X 28"H
Seat Dimensions20.5" W X 19" L
Product Weight132 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions45"L X 31"W X 30"H
WarrantyStandard Warranty, 3-Year Limited
Part Number(s)Black: 100-5040-001
Espresso: 100-5040-002
Auto Shut-Off15 minutes
Chair Recline OperationPower
Massage Range27", Height Control, Width Control
Recline Angle120-170 Degrees
Distance to Wall16"
Seat Width20.50"
Massage Robot3-Motor Quad Roller