Perfect Chair® Spanner Wedge Table

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Our two-level, suspended spanner wedge table connects directly between two Perfect Chairs, allowing you to create your own home theater ensemble.
  • Three Wood Finishes to match your chair
  • Attaches Directly to the Perfect Chair Wood Base
  • Made from Solid Parawood

Perfect Chair® Spanner Wedge Table


Up to 24 months

Standard Warranty


Delivery to your door


Based in California

When you're relaxing in your Perfect Chair, you won't want to get up. The Spanner Wedge Table is the ideal accessory for two or more Perfect Chairs and is great for entertainment rooms, home theaters, and more.

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Tech Specs

Shipping Box Dimensions26.5"L X 22.25"W X 6.75"H
Part Number(s)Dark Walnut: PC-ST-401-002
Walnut: PC-ST-401-004
Chestnut: PC-ST-401-005
Net Weight (product only)12 lbs
Gross weight (in the box)19 lbs
Upper Tray Length-Sides19"
Upper Tray Length-Center21"
Upper Tray Width- Larger21"
Upper Tray Width- Smaller10"
Lower Tray Length-Sides24"
Lower Tray Length-Center26"
Lower Tray Width- Larger21"
Lower Tray Width- Smaller8"
Height Between Trays4"