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L-Track Massage

L-track massage chairs are one of our most popular options because they offer the in-depth massage of standard track models while extending further down for a more complete massage. In fact, a lot of our chairs boast S-track, L-track and/or S- and L-track massage functions.

What is an L-Track in Massage Chair?

This massage chair has an L-shaped track that extends down further along the back and seat area than standard massage chairs. So, if you want your chair to go slightly further than the lower back or if you suffer from sciatica, these chairs are a good option.

The features and benefits of each chair will vary, depending on your unique needs.

L-Track Massage Chairs Features and Benefits

An L-track chair offers superb massage coverage, which is the main benefit of the chair. Such models are ideal when you need a deeper massage that extends further than the lower back. The chair's track sits right underneath your buttocks so that you can hit areas that standard massage chairs cannot.

If you want even further massage benefits, consider chairs that offer:

  • •Heated lumbar areas to loosen muscles
  • •Calf and foot massage
  • •S- and L-tracks (depending on the model)
  • •Built-in wellness programs
  • •Zero gravity functions

Every chair is different, so take your time to figure out what features you deem a must-have. You can also find chairs with Bluetooth for soothing, relaxing sounds while you get your massage.

With the right chair, you can relieve muscle tension while promoting circulation and healing.

L-Track vs. SL-Track Massage Difference

You'll find L-track, S-track and S- and L-track chair models. What's the difference between these chairs?

An S- and L-track vs. L-track chair has significant differences:

  • •L-Track Massage: This massage follows the wave pattern of an S-track model, but it goes from the neck down to the buttocks and hamstrings. This is an extended massage that stops before the back of the knee.
  • •S- and L-Track Massage: An S- and L-track massage chair is similar to an L-track model, but the curvature follows the natural curves in your spine and buttocks to provide a more comfortable massage.

While L- and S- and L-track massage chairs are similar, the S- and L-track model offers a more detailed massage that feels even more realistic.

L-track massage chairs provide the extended massage coverage some users need to help alleviate pain, sore muscles and tension in the buttocks and hamstrings. You can also find some models in our collection that offer both an L-track and S-track massage.