Virtual Therapist


The Super Novo is Alexa enabled with Virtual Therapist

Virtual Therapist

By pairing the power of the Super Novo with Amazon Alexa's voice recognition, the Super Novo is the first massage chair to implement Alexa capability. We call it Virtual Therapist, and this feature is an experience unlike anything else, understanding and anticipating the user's preferences for a truly unique and personalized massage.

Just Ask Virtual Therapist

Simple, hands-free operation that allows you to speak your preferences. It is as easy as asking for a massage.

Customize Your Experience

With a smooth glide of the recline, you are swept back into a perfect state of relaxation. Ask Virtual Therapist for "increased intensity" or "lower body massage" to tailor your massage experience.

Your Personal Massage Therapist

Virtual Therapist will ask each user a series of questions, such as massage preferences, and store that information for each person in your household so you can receive a massage customized to your needs, any time you like.

More About Virtual Therapist

Already purchased a Human Touch Super Novo massage chair?

Click here to register your chair and receive your complimentary Virtual Therapist Bridge. The Virtual Therapist Bridge will allow your Super Novo to work with Amazon Alexa. Your bridge will arrive in 2-3 weeks after we receive your request.

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Click here to register and get your Super Novo up and running with Virtual Therapist.

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