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Human Touch ® Super Novo


Redefining the Massage Experience

Change the way you experience wellness with the Human Touch ® Super Novo, which offers a captivating design and delivers three-dimensional massage along the entire length of your spine and all the way down to your thighs. Choose from Meditation programs that combine a soothing soundtrack with your massage, helping you to focus your breathing and achieve a relaxed state of being. Or try the Yoga Studio program, which uses deep stretching and pressure to loosen and relieve pain from tight muscles.

Complementing its advanced massage technology, Super Novo is the first chair of its kind to implement Alexa capability with the help of Virtual Therapist™.

Make massage personal again by asking Virtual Therapist to give you a customized massage, and feel the smooth glide of the recline sweep you back into a perfect state of relaxation.

Altec Lansing Premium Sound System

  • Built-in Sound Soothe provides immersive sounds of nature.
  • Engaging narrated demo walks you through the features of the chair and describes health benefits.

Magnetic Dock and Holder

Manage your devices in a variety of convenient ways. Dock the remote or your device until you need it, or use the holder to position it for easy use.

Advanced Fingertip Controls

Easily manage the chair’s key functions at your fingertips using the convenient control panel.

  • Power On
  • Start the Default Auto Program
  • Adjust Recline Position
  • Heat On/Off
  • Volume Control
  • Restore the Chair to Full Upright Position

Flex 3D Massage Technology

Even beyond 3D Massage, the Super Novo offers 4D programs to include the dimension of variable speed. Massage strokes speed up and slow down mid-stroke, just like the hands of a professional massage therapist.

Built-In USB Port

Use the built-in USB port to charge your favorite hand-held device while you listen to music, watch videos, or read an eBook. Tuck your phone in the handy phone slot while charging.

S- and L-Track Systems

Advanced Multi-Dimensional Massage Technology with S- and L-track Systems extend massage coverage from the shoulders and spine down to the thighs.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

Strategically placed, targeted aircells apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.

Dual-Lumbar Heat

Adjustable and targeted heat gently soothes the back to loosen tight muscles and help relieve pain.

Auto-Extending and Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager

With under foot rollers and adjustable intensity for calves and feet, the heated extendable leg rest automatically adjusts for your height. The calf massage area also extends up to the knee area to soothe muscles throughout your legs.

Advanced LCD Remote

Easily manage the chair’s full suite of programs and features using the intuitive navigation control, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen. Create a personalized massage program with easy-to-navigate customization through massage intensity settings, massage speeds, and more!

I was in an accident where I was crushed by a car, chest shattered and hip damaged. I recovered, but have had daily pain since then. I used a more gentle program, which I enjoyed and will say the massage was as good, or better than a human massage. It was not until I got to my car that I realized, not only was I not hurting, but my nearly constant limp was gone. The next morning I woke up pain free, for the first time in 4 years.


The most beneficial feature of the chair is the ability to go into zero gravity so the body and spine are not loaded. When the muscles are at their maximum relaxation, this allows for full, deep massage in a relaxed spine.

Dr. John Maltby
Doctor of Chiropractic

I've had the massage chair for a week and my chronic lower back pain vanishes after sitting in the chair. The combination of heat, zero gravity and "L -Track" technology that massages your glutes as well as lower back is pure heaven. My wife makes fun of me because I describe the experience of being in the chair as being in your mother's womb. I can't say enough about the chair!


Technical Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions 63" L x 34" W x 46" H
63" L x 34" W x 46" H
Reclined Dimensions 74" L x 34" W x 32" H
74" L x 34" W x 32" H
Seat Dimensions 20" W x 18" D
20" W x 18" D
Product Weight 320 lbs
320 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions 77" L x 37" W x 35" H
77" L x 37" W x 35" H
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
5-Year Limited Warranty
Dimensional drawing for Super Novo Massage Chair
“Alexa, ask my Novo to start Virtual Therapist”

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