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AcuTouch® 6.0 Massage Chair

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The Human Touch AcuTouch 6.0 massage chair is designed to completely envelop you in wellness, comfort and luxury. This revolutionary chair invites you to experience a remarkable array of therapeutic massage features and smart conveniences. Take a seat in this stylish re-imagination of the utilitarian massage chair, grab the LCD controller, and escape to a world where pain, stress and discomfort are distant memories. Enter the AcuTouch 6.0. Enter wellness.
  • Advanced 3D Massage
  • LCD Controller
  • Fully-Encompassing Foot and Calf Massager
  • Targeted Massage Techniques
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure

AcuTouch® 6.0 Massage Chair

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Based in California

You may have experienced other massage chairs, but you’ve never fully immersed yourself in one like the AcuTouch 6.0


  • Acupoint® Detection

    Measures the entire length of your back and the contours of your neck and shoulders, mapping key pressure points to target during your personalized massage.

  • Adjustable Foot and Calf Massager

    Allows for users of all body types and sizes to customize the massage intensity for their comfort level.

  • Easy Sleeves® Covers

    The sleeves of the foot and calf massager are removable and machine-washable for ultimate convenience and cleanliness.

  • Cloud Touch Massage

    Relax as if floating on air while strategically placed active contours located at the shoulders, hips, seat and arms help to lift, squeeze, manipulate, and massage the body.

  • Retractable Foot and Calf Massager

    Easily Retract the foot and calf massager into the chair for a streamlined appearance.

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Tech Specs

Upright Chair Dimensions56"L X 29"W X 45"H
Reclined Dimensions70"L X 29"W X 32"H
Operating VoltageAC110-120V 60Hz
Power Consumption160 Watts
Product Weight169 lbs
Rear Clearance Required15"
Shipping Box Dimensions58"L X 31"W X 34"H
WarrantyPremium Warranty, 5-Year Limited
Part Number(s)Black SofHyde: 100-AT60-001
Espresso SofHyde: 100-AT60-002
Butter SofHyde: 100-AT60-003
Bone SofHyde: 100-AT60-004
Red SofHyde: 100-AT60-005
Maximum Load Weight285 lbs
Gross weight (in the box)200 lbs
Calf Massage Width4"
Calf Massage Height12"