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Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams
Founder of Holistic Hyperbarics

About Alexandra Williams

Alex Williams is the co-Founder and Hyperbaric Administrator for Holistic Hyperbarics, a female-founded business that is purposely providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a restorative spa environment.

Each of the steps in Alex Williams’s career has been distinguished by merging medical practices and a nurturing environment, creating space for optimal healing. She has a deep knowledge of medical issues—she has been an EMT, an in-home birth doula, and a post-surgery masseuse—and is quick to research and learn about anything she doesn’t already know, or bring in the resources she needs, so that her clients can trust that they will always get educated care.

In her nine years as an EMT, Alex noticed that people with chronic illnesses or pain were often not listened to or heard by the medical community. Her own 15-20 minutes with each person in the ambulance left her wanting more time to get to know and help them. The dual desire to give people with chronic illness or pain the gift of listening to their stories and spend more time to help people to heal were formative in her transition to hyperbarics.

In her days as a triathlete, Alex learned of athletes who used hyperbarics to recover more quickly from workouts and training sessions. When, as a wrestler, she badly tore her shoulder, she decided to try hyperbarics instead of the Vicodin she was prescribed. Her small home-sized chamber healed her shoulder in three and a half weeks, and once she started talking about it on Facebook, friends began to come over to try it for themselves. Eventually, she realized that this was another way to combine her medical knowledge with her desire to help people heal, and do it in a nurturing way that treated the whole person.

With that, Holistic Hyperbarics was born in 2017, offering clients the proven medical benefits of hyperbarics in a spa-like, healing setting.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment for a number of often serious conditions that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The pressurization allows for greater oxygen absorption in the body and hyperoxygenates the blood plasma in ways other treatments cannot. As your blood carries the oxygen throughout your body, it helps fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

HBOT has been used successfully in medical settings for treating decompression sickness, serious infections, and wounds that haven’t healed. It also helps improve recovery for a wide range of conditions, from athletic injuries and Lyme disease to diabetic wounds and head trauma.Learn more about Holistic Hyperbarics by clicking here.

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