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Can Massage Help You To Keep Your New Years Resolutions?

By: Dr. James Rouse, Naturopathic Physician and Human Touch Wellness Council Member

Just about this time of the year there is an ever increasing number of people who are falling into the support group called “not quite there” when it comes to feeling good about their New Year’s intentions. Research shows that most of our goals and resolutions tend to be fading fast by the end of January,as well as our confidence in ourselves to raise our quality of lifeto a level that reflects our true potential.

Is that you too?

Please do not despair, or think about ways you should be better by being harder on yourself…there is a possibly a better and more grace-filled path to success for you.


Yup, I bet you didn’tsee that coming. As a clinician and a researcher, the science is clear and inspiring that giving yourself the gift of massage may be one of the most powerful paths to resurrecting your confidence that you do have what it takes to realize your mission for 2018 and beyond. Here’s how:

Massage rocks our resolutions by supporting the levels of powerful chemicals associated with success, happiness and health. First off, massage helps to keep the stress hormone cortisol in check-which in turn helps to serve our overall peace and balance. I believe we all achieve more under the influence of greater ease and grace - moving from stressed to blessed.

I have a wonderful knowing in my heart that “we” are also much better equipped to reach our peak when we are maintaining optimum levels of serotonin, the chemical associated with greater happiness, calm and centeredness, and massage may help to support this “check up from the neck up” too.

And lastly, we all tend to do better and realize more of our potential when we are feeling more motivated, confident and focused-this is the job description of dopamine, another chemical that is supported with massage.

You are here to create a life you love. If you are ready to allow the gift of massage to serve and support the highest expression of you…choose to allow massage to touch your mission and lift your vision to make 2018 the best year of your life yet!

Check out this helpful video from Dr. James Rouse on how to use massage to keep your New Years Intentions.

2020-04-29 18:06:14
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