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Dr. Hoon C. Kim

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“I just started using the AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair and am amazed by its different movements and functionality to deliver a superior massage experience. The fine tunings and capabilities of this product (such as the variety of massage mode, adjustable height and Acupoint detection features that it offers) make this chair more than just a machine.”


While I was majoring electronic engineering at the junior year of my college, I met qigong and meditation at the Zen Center, and naturally drawn to it.
One day, during the usual qigong practice at night, I experienced the very strong and mystical energy flow in the body and around; there was a great energy rapidly and overwhelming flowing into the vortex of my head and filling the whole body.
That continual dynamic energy movement last over 5 hours until the dawn of the next day and I almost got fainted. Since then my body and mind has changed in a way that I hear more clearly and feel more tangibly, when I touch the sick person and my hand stared moving by itself, she felt better with a inner movement and heat.

After this experience, since this whole teaching and healing brought me the enormous amount of bliss and joy, I changed my career from electronic engineer to a healer – a Eastern physician (acupuncturist, herbalist, Asian energy healer).

My philosophy of practice is to help people to live a quality of life with the least use of medicine by themselves, which include not only disease treatment but also prevention in mind and body through qigong, meditation, body work, acupuncture, herbs (nutrients) and life-style.

Every body has the innate healing power, which hardly surfaces due to so many tensions and noise and my role is to help her or him to release those tension and clear noises and activate that healing power to the optimal health and longevity on his or her way.