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Plantar fasciitis discomfort can range from a mild ache in your foot to debilitating heel pain. Plantar fasciitis massage tools offer soothing relief and healing comfort to aid you on your way to recovery.

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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common musculoskeletal injury most often brought on by overuse. Your foot has a thick, fibrous band of tissue, known as the plantar fascia, that extends from your heel to your toes. This tough ligament acts as a shock absorber and supports your foot arch. When it is stretched with overuse, tiny micro tears can form in the plantar fascia leading to pain and inflammation.

Using a Massager to Help Treat Plantar Fasciitis

In addition to rest, ice and heat therapy, medication, and orthotic aids, foot massage can play an important role in treating plantar fasciitis pain. The best plantar fasciitis massager will facilitate safe stretching and tissue stimulation to relieve tension and stress in the foot. Additional benefits of using a foot massager for plantar fasciitis include:

  • • Breaking up scar tissue
  • • Relaxing stiff muscles in the foot and lower leg
  • • Boosting blood flow to the injured area
  • • Targeting appropriate amounts of pressure to key trigger areas
  • • Stretching and strengthening lower leg and foot muscles to reinforce the plantar fascia

If you or someone you know struggles with foot pain, consider adding a planters fasciitis massager to your recovery regimen. The innovative line of foot, calf, and leg massage products from Human Touch rejuvenate tired and overworked feet to provide therapeutic relief at home.