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Naturopathic Physician

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“To be fully alive is to be on fire with purpose.”


A naturopathic doctor, Ironman triathlete, QVC Network Wellness Doctor, entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, wellness magazine founder, speaker, author, radio talk show host and television personality – Dr. James does it all. He talks with such enthusiasm and conviction about the wellness lifestyle, you come away feeling inspired to take better care of yourself -- and to enjoy your life more.

James is best known for his highly engaging "Optimum Wellness" TV segments, which he hosts in major television markets. These segments highlight all areas of a wellness lifestyle, balancing mind, body, and spirit. His wellness knowledge and passion for helping others live life optimally also extends to creating healthy food products. Dr. James recently launched mix1, an all-natural nutritional beverage, blending antioxidant nutrients with a balance of carbohydrates and protein for pre- and post-workout and to support overall performance. His clients include the Boston Red Sox, Denver Broncos, Oklahoma Thunder and nearly two dozen professional sports teams. He also serves as QVC's Wellness doctor.

When he’s not flying across the country evangelizing about living well, he authors books including the award-winning cookbook, Colorado Fit Kitchen; Grow Your Life from Average to Amazing; and Gaiam's Health Solutions for Stress Relief, Health Solutions for Sleep, Health Solutions for Weight Loss, and Health Solutions for Energy. Dr. James presents to Fortune 500 Companies on wellness, life balance and overall fulfillment, and his clients include Coca Cola, Google and Dean Foods. He also presented to the U.S. Government offices of the EPA and FEMA.

James loves endurance sports and anything involving exercise, especially cycling and telemark skiing.

35 Years of Natural Solutions
Happy birthday to Human Touch! We celebrate 35 years of natural solutions and we couldn't have done it without you. It is our honor and our privilege to support you for as long as you need the ideas that help you to thrive in every part of your life. These ideas come as simple self care principles that Human Touch is all about. 35 years and counting!
Message from our Wellness Council
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch. On behalf of all of the wellness members, our wellness council at Human Touch it is our honor to remind you how good you are every single day. We've come together with one single minded purpose to help you become all that you can be. Through our products, through our inspired action we have the opportunity to create a movement through you and all around you. And it is our honor to serve and allow you to become all that you are.
Are you #1?
Do you ever find yourself in the mist of writing down all the things you need to be doing? It's your daily to do list. Where do you find yourself in that to-do list? Are you number 5, number 30? Do you find yourself at the end of the list? Honorable mention. Hoping you actually get to your self-care this is a crucial distinction. And if you have people around you that you want to inspire. Give yourself permission to go to the front of the to-do list. I know it's scary, but don't think of this as being selfish. Think of it as being self-less. This is what happens, when someone watches you take good care of yourself they are going to be inspired to do the same. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to be in front of the line and know that one high tide will raise all the ships around you. Your self care is inspiration for everyone around you. Choose to be that person today
Avocados - All Day Everyday
So there's a wonderful secret that centenarians have across the world they know how to manage their stress and they also know how to eat. One of the things that they focus on is this powerful antioxidant its called glutathione. Glutathione is like the queen of the antioxidant army and when she is happy the whole antioxidant army is thriving. So, how do you get this antioxidant? It's simply found in one of the coolest thing in the world, avocados. Avocados and before you go oh my gosh all those fat calories and all that stuff going on inside, all that stuff going on is metabolically active fat that is rich in glutathione. And folks who are living 100 years and living very well have a whole lot of glutathione. So, include an avocado in your daily deal and watch how it helps you express yourself and when you are actually sitting in a chair there could be a double wammy here because you know what's beautiful about Human Touch it lowers your stress while you increases your glutathione. That's a pretty cool thing! Take that to the bank!
Baby Boomers
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch and I'm a baby boomer. And I look all around me and I see a lot of people suffering with inflammation of all kinds. One of the biggest challenges out there is arthritis. It's all about inflammation. So, what can you do? One of the most important things you can do is be proactive and move into a lifestyle of self care. There is a beautiful opportunity happening with Human Touch® between massage and zero gravity you can take down your inflammation and raise up your vitality. As baby boomers we have an opportunity here, we have parents that are aging, we have kids who are looking for an opportunity to follow something inspiring. Let you be that person that inspires everyone around you.
Be a Leader
Congratulations! I have great news for you, you are a CEO. And if you are living anywhere in this world you truly are a CEO. Whether it is your apartment, your home, with your cat, with your kids, with your spouse, it really comes down to you being that person who's the leader. You're in charge of it all. And here's what's really interesting when people see somebody the leader role if you will someone who takes great care of themselves. Here's a simple example, massage, self care, taking time for yourself, sets a tone for the entire corporation your kids your spouse even your cat. Here's how it all works these opportunities of self care are catalyst for everyone around you. When you are living well and serving well it is a business that's thriving in action and everyone around you will rise to that level. Your business and your life will thrive.
Be the Leader you Always Dreamed to be
There's this wonderful phenomenon it's called emotional contagion. If you ever want to be a great leader its all about the idea that you model great leadership. And here's a beautiful thing when you spend time with Human Touch you give yourself the opportunity to get your hormonal chemistry in a place of great leadership. And when you do that everyone around you is going to take notice. So here's the opportunity if you are feeling in a place you want to raise the game of everyone around you including your game, start with yourself. Allow your self care to create emotional contagion.
Benefits of Massage
So what happens to your body under the influence of Human Touch? When you crawl into a Human Touch chair to receive a massage so many amazing things are happening physiologically, chemically and emotionally. The beautiful thing about massage is the systemic well being all happening at one time. Here's the beautiful thing have you ever asked yourself is there really a physiological conspiracy going on in my body? You have a lot of chronic pain issues around that here's what you want to consider your body is all about homeostasis, but it needs a way to get back home that place to balance. Use that massage chair as a catalyst for calm inside and out because what happens in a Human Touch chair will affect every part of your being and what happens afterwards well that's up to you but trust me it will be awesome.
You know what's amazing? There is a Greek word called dieta and dieta actually means diet. Now, how does that fit into Human Touch? It's interesting because it means a way of life. At Human Touch self care is a way of life and here's what's really powerful to consider, when you employ a healthy diet a primary food if you will isn't carbs proteins or fats its actually your quality of life its meaning and purpose its friendships its how you serve others its how you live with your heart out loud. All those things allow those to be your primary diet and watch how those feed every part of your being. The secondary diet the carbs, the proteins, and the fats those will take care of themselves. It's awesome.
Emotional Contagion
There is this awesome opportunity and its inside all of us it's called emotional contagion. And if you want to raise the game for yourself and your entire team here's how you make it happen. Begin with self care, start with taking care of yourself and watch how that creates a wave of awesome all around you. The beautiful thing about Human Touch is it helps you create hormonal harmony. You'll actually lower your cortisol and increase your dopamine. And when you do that, you increase your dopamine to increase your confidence and when that happens everyone around you takes notice. It's chemically, it's emotional, and it's even kind of spiritual. Its emotional contagion and you can raise a wave of awesome everyplace you go. Self care creates self awareness for everyone.
On of the things we love to do at Human Touch, we love to play scrabble. Here's a great scrabble word its called eudemonia, look it up it's amazing. What eudemonia means it's this whole idea of living with meaning and purpose and what does that do for you? At Human Touch we're very interested in inflammation. Fighting inflammation through self care, massage, zero gravity all these things actually helps you lower inflammation. And here's a cool thing when you actually practice eudemonia, which is the Greek word for noble purpose you actually lower inflammation there too, it's a double wammy. So when you go into your chair give yourself permission to practice purpose and meaning be a eudemonic, while you're practicing in a chair. You will come out of that chair being somebody who is a force for positivity and optimism that's also going to lower inflammation. Human Touch never thought we'd play scrabble so well.
Everybody Needs a Timeout
So let me paint a picture for you, you're a mom or a dad, your in that place where you want to be the best mom or dad you truly can be. But, you haven't had a great day you're a little stressed out you find yourself driving the drive and you think to yourself gosh do my kids wanna see me just like this? Of course they don't! Give yourself a timeout before you go in and try to be the super mom or a super dad. Take 20 minutes and surrender in your Human Touch chair and let that be your conscious timeout the one you give yourself because you know what's gonna happen, when you come back out of that Human Touch chair you are going to be super mom or a super dad the way you always wanted to be.
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch and I'm so excited to share with you this revolutionary technology, Flexglide technology. Now, close your eyes for just a moment and think about this you're in a massage chair and all of a sudden your tissue is getting pinched because its really not being sensitive to who you are and your musculature. Erase that right now! Here's what's going to happen there's this beautiful technology it's called orbital massage technology. Imagine having the sense of having warm oil being massage on top of your tissues, relieving the tension allowing you to fully surrender into your Human Touch chair. That's what this is about.
Flexglide - No more pinching
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch and I'm so excited to share with the latest technology and oh la la friction free massage coming from Human Touch. Get this, close your eyes and think about the last time you had a chair base massage. You got that pinching, you got that friction, and we have developed Flexglide technology. That's right Flexglide technology, its orbital massage technology, gives you the sensation of having oil being poured over your body. It's hot, it's wonderful, it's therapeutic and it comes to you through the opportunity of this latest technology that makes you thrive under the influence of Human Touch.
Flexglide Technology
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse and I'm so excited to share with you the latest technology in comfort massage from Human Touch. It's called flexglide technology. Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine warm oil being poured over your sore tense muscles. That's the orbital technology that we have brought to give the opportunity of a full therapeutic massage with warmth, with oil, without the pinching, without the friction. This opportunity to thrive in our chairs is yours with flexglide technology.
How would you like to crash 100? Best to live to 100 years old live very long and very well. What are those people going across the world? One thing they are doing they're managing their stress. I think a lot of people are probably sitting very well, the perfect chairs a great way to lower your stress. Here's a cool thing you can do as well, the dietary principles are phenomenal. One key ingredient to centenarian lifestyle is something called glutathione, glutathione is an antioxidant and when she's happy the whole antioxidant harmony is absolutely thriving. So how do you get this glutathione? It's simply found in healthy fats, things like avocados. Before you all freaked out about the calories the beautiful thing about those mono-unsaturated fats their metabolically active they actually help you burn fat and they also boost glutathione. Help you live longer and stronger just like the perfect chair.
Does your daily goal list look like this? Eat better, exercise, want to live longer, have a stronger immune system, actually want to find a way to be all the things you want to be. Here's what's interesting, all you have to do is one thing and that thing is gratitude. Here's what's really fascinating, the University of California Davis has done a lot of research on what helps people do all those things and more. And they found all the people that are successful in that way do one thing, they're grateful. They practice gratitude. So, tonight before you go to bed write down 5 things your are grateful for before you go to sleep and tomorrow morning all those things are going to be more likely accomplished. And it's your opportunity to be gratitude and attitude of gratitude makes everything in your life thrive.
Happy 35th Anniversary
It's a happy birthday for Human Touch! We celebrate 35 years of bringing you wellness solutions that help to enhance and transform your life. It's an honor and privilege to support you as long as you want to be awesome.
How to take care of your brain
I'm entering my 5th decade of living and more and more people like myself are thinking about one important thing how do I protect my brain? Literally, how do I keep it from rusting? Rusting and the aging of our brain is inevitable we don't take good care of ourselves. Here are 3 simples things you can do number1, eat 9 servings of fruit and vegetables every single day. Number 2 spend time in community, get close to people that you love and people who love you and number 3 manage your cortisol. That's why I love Human Touch when you take the one c and allow yourself simple self care practices like the perfect chair, like self massage through our chair something beautiful happens. You lower cortisol and in that you fight the rusting of your entire being, your brain included. You can thrive today.
Human Doing to Human Being
Imagine you find yourself many times being a human doing rather being a human being. Here's how I love to approach my Human Touch opportunity, every afternoon when I'm in the middle of all the things I want to do, I remember that I want to be. I'll give myself a self imposed time out. It's actually getting myself intervention for my head as well as my heart. Here's what I do I come home from work I give myself permission to surrender into the chair and when I do that my chemistry shifts, my emotions mellow, and my spirit opens up because I give myself permission to step back and get myself that opportunity remember how good I really am from going from that human doing to human being. Choose to do that today
Human Touch is for Self Care
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch. If you are going to ask a simply thing about what is it that this Human Touch company is all about? We are about simple solutions for high quality of living. We are a wellness company that wants to help you make good on all your good intentions. There's a beautiful practice going on, it's not about health care necessarily it's actually all about the highest form of health care which is self-care. Let us be your partner in helping you thrive.
When you think of integrity what comes to mind for me it's actually Abraham Maslow's quote “what we can be we must be.? And that really is all about integrity. You think about our life, you have all these intentions, have all these goals, all these aspirations. Things that inspire you, that you want to be like. Here's where it all comes down to integrity it's all about closing the gap. You have all these great intentions and then you have the opportunity to create them when you close the gap you make good on your good intentions. That's where integrity happens. Choose to be the person you came here to be and light it up through your entire life integrity be a by product. Make it happen.
Lean Muscles
So the opportunity for all of us is to live longer and stronger. You know what the most powerful independent risk factor for aging is? It's actually retaining lean muscle. When you have lean muscle on your body you're going to live longer and stronger. One of the key principles, don't skip meals! I know it sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but here's how it works when you blow of lunch because you're too tired you and you're thinking to yourself you know what, I got way too much to do to stop and eat. Here's what's going to happen, your brain is going to continue to eat and here's what it does it actually eats lean muscle. When you eat lean muscle you lose metabolism and you lose a whole idea of what keeps you living longer and stronger. So keep the lean muscles on your body by fortifying your system all day long with quality calories and top of that a great systematic exercise program those two things together will help you thrive for the long run.
Live Well, Eat Well
At Human Touch we are actually all about diet. Now think about this, diet from the Greek word dieta means way of life. We are a way of living company, a way of living very well. Dieta means way of living and it also means a primary diet based on purpose, meaning and fulfillment. When those three things are your choice foods, watch how it takes care of the secondary foods your carbs, your proteins and your fats. When you live well, you eat well and you thrive with purpose and passion.
Mirror Neurons
You and I have something in common and it's a really powerful thing they are called mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are basically the copycat system and all of us are blessed with. They are in my brain and your brain. If you're looking for a leadership opportunity here's how it can work, when you are doing something fantastic, something inspire, something powerful, don't be afraid to do it in public. Don't be afraid to let someone else see it because your leadership and self care doing anything inspired level will actually elevate the game of everyone around you. You can be a leader as a mom, a dad, a friend, someone at work if you're looking for a place to upgrade your life choose to serve in a level of your own self care and it'll upgrade every life around you, mirror neurons their powerful take notice.
Mommy to be
Congratulations! You are a mom to be or you are presently a mom. Here's the beautiful opportunity there's something about hormonal harmony that makes all the difference for healthy pregnancy and if you will as you raise a healthy child. All the things you want to be and be a place that you can actually serve the highest level as a mom comes down to your self care. There's certain things happening in your body and one of the most amazing things you can do is take time out. That's right put yourself in a time out to help equalize the hormonal opportunities that are inside of you. That will allow you to thrive as a mom and if you will as someone who is going to facilitate a healthy opportunity to watch your children thrive.
Reclaim your Balance
If someone was to say to you Human Touch can actually be life changing? What would you say? Oh my gosh sounds to good to be true! Here's what I want you to consider, we are this amazing, physiological bundle of hormones and chemicals and muscles and all of these different things and they all work together, but when stress happens things can come apart. What Human Touch is really all about is giving you the opportunity to reclaim your balance physiologically and emotionally. Here's what's amazing whether it's the massage chair or the perfect chair there's an opportunity to recreate balance from the inside out. Life changing, you bet on it! You have the opportunity to follow through and be who you came here to be and that is absolutely amazing!
Who is Dr. James Rouse
Hi! I'm Dr. James Rouse with Human Touch. I'm a primary, care train naturopathic physician. I'm a passionate wellness warrior. The beautiful thing about my association with this company is it gives me an opportunity to practice all the things that I love to talk about. Most importantly, the idea of self care, being the most important and most powerful practice when it comes to health care. I'm a dad, I'm a husband of 22 years and the beautiful thing I learned more than anything about life is we are alive to the degree that we serve. When we serve ourselves first with love and self care that's the most powerful form of medicine. It's an honor to serve and support you. Let's catch fire together.