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Dr. Jon L. Stucky

Dr Jon Stucky

Dr. Jon L. Stucky

Doctor of Chiropractic

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“Wellness is a journey and not a destination. It requires us to work in diet, self-dialogue, exercise, understanding and adapting to our environment, and providing all the body needs to express life and thrive. Knowing who and what you are allows you to live with passion and be well.”

“Wellness is a part of my daily life. I take time to assess my goals daily in diet, exercise, mental capacities, which requires me to study elements of being and staying well. I utilize the Human Touch massage chairs and wellness products for relaxation and proprioceptive input into the nervous system each day. Study and applying knowledge create an environment for the body to do what it should and can do…THRIVE!”


Dr. Jon L. Stucky, Doctor of Chiropractic, has a thriving practice in Hyrum, Utah, where he cares for infants to seasoned citizens should read senior citizens and weekend warriors to professional athletes. Born in Minnesota, Dr. Stucky is a second generation chiropractor and is the 13th of 17 chiropractors in his extended family with his father and two brothers practicing. Dr. Stucky graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia in 1993. He practiced with his uncle, Dr. L. Joe Stucky, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for six years prior to relocating to begin practice in Utah. He has advanced training and is certified in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma. In 2005, he was honored as a member of the Distinguished Fellows of the International Chiropractors Association, FICA (Hon).


Dr. Stucky has a passion for providing care to athletes and was honored as the 2004 ProSport Chiropractic Doctor of the Year. He was involved with a number of the Army World Class Athletes competing in the biathlon Olympic trials for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He serves as the Utah coordinator for ProSport Chiropractic, an organization involved in providing chiropractic care to elite athletes, primarily in rodeo. Dr. Stucky has coordinated the chiropractic care team for Ragnar Relays, the largest distance running relay race series in the country, for the last several years. 

He serves his colleagues as a district representative on the board of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association since 2006. He is currently serving as the International Chiropractors Association Representative Assembly Secretary and the State Representative for Utah. Dr. Stucky resides in Nibley, Utah, with his wife of 20 years and their two children.

Dr. Jon Stucky DC: Biography, Philosophy and Experience
I’m Dr. Jon Stucky. I graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1993 and I’ve been in practice for 18 years. I’m a second-generation chiropractor. I’ve been in Utah now 12 years, and I practiced in Wisconsin 6 years prior to that. We’ve been using the HT family of chairs now since 2001 when I got my very first one, the HT-100. Now we’re using all the latest ones in our practice. We cycled through them and utilized them and sold them to patients as well. We sell our demo models to patients who maybe can’t afford them right out of the box, but after we use them we try to rotate them through with a warranty on them as well. I work about 26 hours a week, and on Tuesday mornings and Thursdays, I’m not in the office. Those are personal times that I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. You’ve got to work hard and devote your energy to your practice, but also devote yourself to your own wellness and your own program, so and I try to do that. I try to take long lunches, 2 hours, but sometimes I’ll end up having to work those too, trying to fit in new patients. I believe you’ve got to take that time for yourself. You can’t run a wellness practice if you’re not well yourself, so you’ve got to take time to do those things that physically, mentally, spiritually, and nutritionally help your body be an example for everyone else.
What is your philosophy of Chiropractic?
I’m a second-generation chiropractor, 13 of 17 in our family, so chiropractic has been a big part of my life and my extended family’s life. When I worked in Wisconsin under my uncle, Dr. Joe Stucky, we only did spinal adjusting. We did ultra-sound and modality as our other things when I worked with him, and I still keep that philosophy today. This is the only adjunct thing that I use in my practice outside that I would go for other than the chiropractic adjustment. So to me, if you can keep those separate in your office, people can understand those things and they understand that I’m a chiropractor and that’s what I do and that’s what they’re there for. They’re not there for other things and so, for me in my office, keeping those separate in the minds of my patients is very, very easy. They know that if they go in the room where the chairs are, that’s separate from what they’re getting from me, but it’s another service they choose to receive in my office and I don’t have a problem with that. They may choose to benefit from that and if they do, great, but some chiropractors may feel that they’re taking something away from the patient or they’re not getting credit for it. You have to get your ego out of the way and understand that somebody may really benefit from it. I can’t be everything to everyone, so if someone would utilize the massage chair and that would help them with their muscle end and their soft-tissue, why wouldn’t I do that? And so, I’ve chose to use those in my practice and it’s been a good thing. It’s been a good thing for my patients and it’s been a good thing financially for my office. That’s not why I do. The financial benefit is only a side benefit. When you look at it from that perspective, it helps you keep focused that you’re a chiropractor not making money on something or trying to derive something from somebody to fit your own needs. For me, that helps me to keep the perspective of what I’m really there for, as a Chiropractor to those people that usually come and see me. I’m not going to try to fix everything for them, because that’s not what I do. I want the patient to understand that it’s very critical that what the chair does is separate from what I do, but it can help them in what I do for them.
Are Human Touch chairs effective for your patients?
Just recently we had a gentleman that’s had a lot of lower back pain most of his life. He’s in his early 30’s, and has had seven surgeries on his knee. After care that we provided for him, we sat him in a chair just to relax. He was so tight and his muscles were really tender for him to be worked on because of his condition of so many years without any care. After sitting in the chair, he relaxed, and was able to have increased flexibility. That allowed him in the next adjustment to be even more flexible and have more of an adjustment, a deeper adjustment. We were able to do more with him with the care that we provided for him than we would have been able to do before he sat in the chair. The chair experience provided him with an opportunity to get better quicker and to have the results that we wanted for him. His flexibility after sitting in the chair and relaxing those muscle groups was much more evident to him also. So, it is an effective tool in the office to be able to work on people that have real-life conditions that they come in with every day. Just by sitting in the chair, you can get your results so much quicker and so much better and that’s more productive for the patient. It’s more productive for you as a practitioner as well because the patients get such quick results that they’ll refer clients back to you. It just enhances the patient’s results and you’re going to get a patient that’s happier a lot quicker. They’ll refer their friends, their neighbors, their athletes, and their friends’ friends and you’ll build your practice like that very quickly.
What are the benefits of Human Touch massage chairs for your patients?
There are a number of different benefits, depending on what you’re using the chair for or what you were put in the chair for. It helps for differently conditions that may be happening for the patient in problem areas, such as their mid-back or low-back. It just depends on the patient. But there are a lot of benefits that will help relax the muscle groups and where you may be able to do your work better and fine-tune the patient better, especially in the work that we do as a Chiropractor. It’s essential to make sure your patient has relaxed muscle groups and that their muscle groups will be able to handle the adjustment. Immediately after they sit in the chair, people will rave about how the chair feels to them. They’ll say that the combination of the chair and adjustment is so much better than just getting adjusted with chiropractic services. It’s just the cream on top for them, and it really helps them feel like you’ve given them an extra service that they may not be able to get down the road or at somebody else’s office. So it’s a nice perk to be able to utilize that in your office, to have the patient feel the difference from a relaxation standpoint and say “thanks doc, for letting me sit in a chair”.
What benefits do Human Touch products provide to Seniors?
The benefits to someone that may be older, or a seasoned citizen as I say, is that they will have a greater opportunity to use it in their home because they’re home more. As we age we have certain issues more prevalent. The elderly, in general, have more aches and pains and more issues because of the wear and tear on their bodies. So it’s important for them to be able to use their chair and use it effectively in their home.
What benefits do Human Touch products provide to Women?
There are many benefits to a woman. If you look at a pregnant woman with the change in gravity of the baby growing and blossoming, you’ll see the changes she’s having personally, and what she’s dealing with those for the 9 months of the gestational pregnancy. She can have some benefit in your office by sitting in the massage chair. It will be really quite nice for her, because it will work the lower-lumbar muscle groups and her thorasic muscle groups where her posture and muscles are really starting to work all day, constantly, in a gravity-loaded position. Even for a woman during her cycle monthly, the associated muscle groups that also feed those organs may benefit by relaxing, moving and oxygenating those muscle groups by the massage activity in the chair.
Is there a difference between a traditional massage and a Human Touch Robotic massage?
The difference would be that some people are kind of skittish about going to a massage therapist because of the fact that they need to dress or they don’t know about the experience they may have. The Human Touch chair is not invasive so they can sit right in their street clothes and get that service and feel comfortable. I don’t know if you can get that comfort level in a hand massage. They’re different in a lot of ways from that perspective, but I think it’s a comfort factor for the patient.
How long do Human Touch products last?
I bought my first chair in 2001 and it was an HT-100 which was a manual chair, but it works fantastic. I still have that very chair in my front room of my house. My wife loves that chair still and uses it every night. I used it in my practice for 4 years and I’ve never done a repair with that chair ever. I’ve never changed a cable, I’ve never changed a motor, I’ve never changed a thing.
Are Human Touch products easily serviced compared to others?
I have sat in other name-brand chairs. I prefer the Human Touch chairs just because they’re very easily accessible. If there are problems, which are very rare, you don’t have to send in the whole chair. That’s a great benefit. If I have a problem, I can call Human Touch and they can send me the actual whole part and in most instances I just unscrew it and plug it in. I’m up and running so that I don’t have down-time with my chairs. But that’s been very rare in the last 10 years.
Do you enjoy massages with Human Touch products?
I use the 7450 Zero-Gravity chair in my office. That’s a chair I can sit back and relax in when nobody else is around. I can shut the door and just relax. It puts you in a position where you feel like the muscles in the back are really relaxed, it drains all the blood supply out of your legs really nicely and you can just have a nice, really relaxing massage. It’s also very comforting to be able to sit in a chair and read as well. So I personally use them in my home, and if I’m at my office and have a break or need a break at the end of the day, I’ll go sit in a chair as well. That’s what I did originally when I got my first chair. I would only use it in my office because that’s the only one I had. So at the end of the day I would use it after all the patients were gone, just to wind down after the day’s activity.