Welcome to Human Touch Wellness Council – Meet the Members – Massage Professionals, Athletes, Doctors:

Wellness Council

With my Human Touch chair I’m able to prepare my mind and body to perform at peak levels, which can easily translate to a couple strokes – often the difference between winning a tournament and missing the cut.
- Tim Clark,
PGA Tour champion, 2010 Players Champion
I have utilized a Human Touch massage chair in my healing studio for many years, both for my clients and myself very successfully. It has made a big difference, not only for them, but also for me as their body worker, in that it began taking me a lot less time to get them present and relaxed. And at the end of a long day of giving sessions, I am grateful for my Human Touch massage chair, which helps me easily relax and restore my energy.
- Julie Chertow,
Massage Therapist & Essential Oils Educator
I have utilized Human Touch Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliners as a vital part of our post-adjustment recovery process. It is truly the ‘Perfect Chair’ for natural spinal decompression and helping improve posture.
- Dr. Shawn Henry Dill,
Doctor of Chiropractic
My mission is to help people improve the quality of their lives through physical activity, body care, and eating energizing foods of quality. The right wellness program is one that includes a balance of activities to empower the individual every day.
Renowned Runner, Author, Lecturer and Coach
I'm not the kind of guy who likes to sit around and I've probably been even more active since retiring. There came a point when my pain and discomfort was starting to impact my quality of life. That’s when I got my HT-1650. I use it almost every day – sometimes more than once – and it's really made a world of difference. It gives me serious relief for sore muscles and joints, melts away stress and tension, and even helps me sleep better. I just pick one of the programs, push a button and enjoy a professional massage at home anytime I want.
Chairman of the Board
Wellness is the purity and health of your mind and body and is probably the single most important aspect in a human being’s life.
PGA Golfer
To be fully alive is to be on fire with purpose.
Naturopathic Physician
Being a Soul Acrobat is about learning to train your body and mind - it's the ability to move with purpose and integrity through life while discovering new perspectives. It's about uniting the mind with the body, adding passion to purpose, and transforming obstacles into opportunities.
- Alvin Tam,
Professional Acrobatic-Fitness Coach
Embracing Truth and evolving naturally into a state of integrity and clarity is most important for this divine life path. Especially when one asks their students and friends to be conscious in their breath and intentions, one should only be as conscious with their own beautiful identity.
- Jaime Tam,
Ethnic-fusion Dancer and a Spiritual Yoga Instructor
I’ve battled injuries my entire life and have always used massage as an integral part of my wellness regimen. With my Human Touch massage chair, I get the advantages of professional massage in my home whenever I want or need them. I use my chair several times a day to keep my back muscles loose and limber so I can maintain a healthy gait and my quality of life.
- Bill Walton,
NCAA, NBA & Sportscasting Legend
Wellness is a journey and not a destination. It requires us to work in diet, self-dialogue, exercise, understanding and adapting to our environment, and providing all the body needs to express life and thrive. Knowing who and what you are allows you to live with passion and be well.
- Dr. Jon L. Stucky,
Doctor of Chiropractic
The Human Touch Perfect Chair is the best chair on the market for my purposes of developing products and techniques to enhance the profession of massage using vibro-acoustic sound. I spent over a year researching chairs and nothing comes close. In addition, Human Touch massage chairs have the most sophisticated approach I have seen for delivering pre-programmed massage to key areas of the body including acu-points and other reflex zones for promoting healing and balance.
- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,
Healing the Body * Heart * Mind and Spirit with Sound
I just started using the AcuTouch™ HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair and am amazed by its different movements and functionality to deliver a superior massage experience. The fine tunings and capabilities of this product (such as the variety of massage mode, adjustable height and Acupoint detection features that it offers) make this chair more than just a machine.
- Dr. Hoon C. Kim,
Tao of Medicine
Each year millions of patients find health through chiropractic care while avoiding needless drugs and surgeries. Regular massage also delivers numerous natural benefits, from promoting strong posture and contributing to a health gait, to improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.
- Dr. John K. Maltby,
Doctor of Chiropractic
Daily wellness practices are the most effective and consistent way to maintain health and balance in dealing with common stressors of life.

- David Marcarian,
President of Precision Biometrics
I am very happy to join Human Touch’s Wellness Council because it is such a good product. Human Touch is consistently looking for ways to advance its technology, and is open to listening to doctors’ and other health professionals’ input in order to do so. I value Human Touch’s process of designing a fantastic chair, then going back and looking at ways to improve future products. The ongoing mission is to enhance their products to create a unique experience for the user.
- Dr. Stephen Ward,
Doctor of Chiropractic