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Robotic Massage Chair Products by Human Touch®

Human Touch will make you feel better after a stressful day Human Touch has been developing massage chair technology for consumers and professionals for over 30 years. Our strength comes from our experience and strong commitment to making high quality, effective massage chairs that help improve quality of your life. Human Touch spends millions on R & D in the field of robotic massage to create cutting edge solutions to relieve the pain and stress ever-present in our everyday lives.

Genuine Massage Chairs by Human Touch
After 1985 Human Touch pioneered the Robotic Massage Chair market with the first contoured tracking system designed to follow the S-curve of the spine. After 1987 we launched our first multi-function massage chair system with advanced computer controls. In the 1990's, Human Touch set new industry standards with our Quad-Roller technology, a massage chair system so powerful it has dominated the category for nearly a decade. In 2003, the company introduced a very affordable Robotic Massage Chair that had a contemporary style and the patented Human Touch Technology®. At the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, our HT-7450 massage chair has been recognized as an honoree in the prestigious Innovations Design Award Showcase - Furniture category by a preeminent panel of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists.

HT-1650 Massage Chair

HT-1650 Massage Chair

HT-7450 Massage Chair

HT-7450 Massage Chair

The Science of Massage

The Human Touch engineering team has analyzed the many treatments used by the best massage therapists, chiropractors, and physicians. It has turned proven massage techniques into the revolutionary Human Touch Technology® systems that populate our line of massage chairs. We've built on decades of extensive experience as the world's leader in the latest massage technologies. Human Touch is proud that it develops the most innovative Robotic Massage systems ever developed.

Our patented Human Touch Technology® massage system so closely mimics known therapeutic massage techniques used by spinal and back care professionals that Human Touch is the approved technology of the World Federation of Chiropractic.

The Human Touch patented massage system delivers unrivaled massage chair performance across a wide number of dimensions:

Penetrating, deep massage mimics the popular main techniques of massage professionals: kneading, rolling, compression, and percussion (see below for additional details)

A full body massage from top to bottom that moves in all three dimensions and traces the shape of your body as well as your spine.

Choice of automatic programs allows you to choose the massage that best suits you. From the easy to use remote you can select different massage techniques, strengths of the massages and customize the parts of the body that should be massaged.



This exclusive technique to Human Touch feels like the touch of a professional therapist’s hands pushing firmly on the muscles next to your spine, and in towards the spine itself. This helps aid posture and mobility.



Imagine thumbs pressing firmly in circular motions on both sides your spine. Kneading is a great therapeutic motion that goes deep into your muscle mass, stretching and lifting muscles to improve blood circulation.



This technique replicates the hands of a gentle massage therapist, firmly pressing on one side of the spine, then on the other.This rolling relieves tension and loosens muscles to prepare your back for much deeper massage.



This technique simulates fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. Percussion is a deep muscle therapy which is popular in sports medicine. Percussion flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.


Calf Massage

This system carefully, yet firmly massages your calf muscles from your ankles towards your knees to relieve stress and comfort very sore legs. The gentle 3-D motion in the Human Touch calf massager directs you flow of blood upwards; improving circulation, unlike other conventional air-bladder systems.


Foot Massage

The Human Touch foot massager uses the same Human Touch Technology® as the back massage system. The Human Touch foot massage feels like soft hands gently squeezing your feet, relieving you of discomfort and promoting better circulation.