Human Touch Perfect Chair® Laptop Desk:

Perfect Chair® Laptop Desk

PC Laptop Desk
PC Laptop Desk

Perfect Chair® Laptop Desk

The perfect complement to your Perfect Chair®.

Pad. Pod. Laptop. Now everything you need to make your Human Touch Perfect Chair® experience even more perfect is within easy reach. The Perfect Chair Laptop Desk is intelligently designed for the ultimate in convenience.

The Laptop Desk attaches to the Perfect Chair® recliner in seconds and is just as easy to tailor to your body position and task at hand. Adjust the front media table to secure your book, iPad® or papers at the perfect height. Or, if you’ve got some work to do, break out the laptop for the ultimate in ergonomic productivity. The Laptop Desk makes it easy to stay in your Perfect Chair® longer, which means more wellness, comfort and relaxation. How perfect!

PLEASE NOTE: This accessory is only compatible with all wood-based Perfect Chairs (excluding PC-300) and does not work with any fully upholstered models. Perfect Chair sold separately.

This product is protected under US utility patent #9,167,906 B2.

PC Laptop Desk
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Customers are Saying...
"I am writing to tell you that your new Perfect Chair Laptop Desk has truly been life-altering for me. … The chair allowed me to recline just enough to relieve the pressure on my spine, which relieved my lower back pain, while positioning my laptop or my reading material at a comfortable angle for working or reading. Suddenly I could work for hours without having to move! Amazing!"
- KF, Aliso Viejo, CA
Experts are Saying...
"The first thing you notice when sitting in the Perfect Chair is its perfect ergonomics. It supports the lumbar curve, alleviating load. As you recline, it fully removes weight from the lumbar spine. And once patients find the perfect position for their body, back pain is virtually eliminated."
- Dr. John K. Maltby, DC, FICA,
International Chiropractic Association Chairman,
Human Touch Wellness Council Member

Perfect Chair® Laptop Desk Specifications

Upper Length18"
Lower Length17"
Narrow Width11"
Wide Width12"
Net Weight10 lbs
Gross Weight15 lbs
Shipping Crate Length24"
Shipping Crate Width19"
Shipping Crate Height5"
Part Number(s): Walnut: PC-000-400-017
Dark Walnut: PC-000-400-018
Chestnut: PC-000-400-019