Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-075 Zero-Gravity Recliner Chair, Inspired by the NASA Neutral-Body Posture Studies:

PC-075 Perfect Chair® Silhouette Power Zero-Gravity Recliner

Ivory Leather + Maple Frame
Ivory Leather + Maple Frame

PC-075 Perfect Chair® Silhouette Power Zero-Gravity Recliner

Human Touch presents the PC-075 Perfect Chair® Silhouette Power Zero-Gravity Recliner! Its sleek and elegant design and zero-gravity engineering make this recliner a great way to relieve the soreness, tension and fatigue caused by the earth’s constant gravitational pull on our bodies. The electric recline system of the PC-075 zero-gravity recliner provides a path to harmony between your body and gravity.

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Customers are Saying...
"I was fortunate enough to get a Human Touch Perfect Chair several years ago. I was not sure what a “true zero-gravity” chair really meant at the time, but I find that when I sit in this chair and begin to recline I quickly feel the pressure being lifted from my aching spine. Then I reach that magic spot in which most of my neck, arm and hand pain just lift away and I can actually relax, nearly pain free."
- A very happy customer,
DM, Irvine California.
Experts are Saying...
"I have utilized Human Touch Zero-Gravity Recliners as a vital part of our post-adjustment recovery process. It is truly the ‘Perfect Chair’ for natural spinal decompression and helping improve posture."
- Dr. Shawn Henry Dill,
Doctor of Chiropractic

PC-075 Features

The PC-075 Perfect Chair® Silhouette Power Zero-Gravity Recliner offers expert engineering and sleek craftsmanship to defy gravity’s adverse effects and place the body into the most comfortable position.

  • Sleek silhouette

    sleek-silhouetteThe PC-075’s tapered footrest and streamlined footprint means you can enjoy modern-looking, zero-gravity comfort while using less space than the PC-095.

  • Perfect fit

    perfect fitThe PC-075 is created especially for those smaller in stature and short of square footage, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to link in a home theater arrangement.

  • Eco-friendly beauty

    eco-friendly beautyUsing only 100% renewable, plantation-grown solid parawood, highly trained Human Touch master woodworkers hand-carve and hand-finish the signature balanced curves supporting the Perfect Chair®. As one of the strongest woods on earth, the Havea Brasiliensis (rubber tree) ensures durability and beauty for years of use. Choose from three attractive finishes.

  • Suits your style

    suits your styleMake the PC-075 your own by choosing from three attractive wood finishes and a variety of colors in Premium or Bonded Leather, or SofSuede® upholstery

  • Electric recline system

    electric recline systemA smooth-functioning, high-performance recline system with whisper-quiet motors eases the chair from upright to full recline in less than 15 seconds. And you control your journey from sitting to floating with an unobtrusive, easy-to use fingertip recline lever.

PC-075 Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions42"L X 30"W X 46"H
Reclined Chair Length61"
Reclined Leg Height30"
Reclined Head Height25"
Seat Width21"
Distance to Wall12"
Gross weight87 lbs
Recline OperationPower
Recline Angle125-175 Degrees
WarrantyStandard Warranty, 3-Year Limited
Shipping Box Dimensions (Chair)42"L X 29"W X 26"H
Shipping Box Dimensions (Pad)45"L X 29"W X 7"H
Part Number(s): Dark Walnut: PC-075-100-002
Maple: PC-075-100-001
Walnut: PC-075-100-003
SōfSuede : Cashew: PC-PAD-600-008
Bonded Leather : Black : PC-PAD-600-001
Bonded Leather : Ivory : PC-PAD-600-002
Bonded Leather : Espresso : PC-PAD-600-004
Bonded Leather : Cashew : PC-PAD-600-009
Bonded Leather : Red : PC-PAD-600-028
Premium Leather : Cognac: PC-PAD-600-007
Premium Leather : Espresso: PC-PAD-600-012
Premium Leather : Black: PC-PAD-600-011