Human Touch - Products Catalogue


Immersion Seating™ Chairs

Enter a World of Wellness. Welcome to a completely rethought, redesigned and reimagined wellness experience with intelligence built in to take out stress and pain.
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HT™ Massage Chairs

Chairs that look as good as they make you feel. At first glance, you might mistake Human Touch Massage Chairs for upscale.
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Perfect Chair® Recliners

The conception of perfection. When setting out to create a chair deserving of the term "perfect," we began by studying something that is in itself..
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iJoy® Massage Chairs

Taking wellness casually. Who says an effective massage chair has to take up a lot of space, break the bank or even look like a "massage chair?"
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Targeted Relief

Walking on sunshine. The average person takes about 3,000 steps per day, which means your poor feet and calves have their jobs cut out..
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