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4D Massage

4D massage chairs deliver a truly lifelike massage experience. With strokes that speed and slow down, a 4D massage chair mimics the hands of a massage therapist. Best of all, you can enjoy the stress- and pain-reducing benefits of a massage right from home, anytime you please.

What is a 4D massage chair?

A 4D massage chair uses multi-directional rollers and speed adjustments to mimic the hands of a professional masseuse. these chairs feature three-axis roller heads with the ability to control the speed of each stroke.

With a 4D chair, the rollers move:

  • •Side to side
  • •Up and down
  • •In towards the body to mimic a deep tissue massage

Protruding roller heads massage those hard-to-reach areas of the back, allowing for a much deeper massage.

Additionally, 4D chairs allow you to adjust the speed of the rollers for a truly customized and lifelike massage.

Many models have S-track and L-track technology. S-tracks follow the natural curve of your spine, while L-tracks extend further down the spine and under the glutes for a more thorough massage. When combined, 4D massage delivers a complete massage experience.

4D Massage Chairs Features and Benefits

4D massage chairs are some of the most advanced models on the market, and they come loaded with features to deliver a memorable massage experience, such as:

  • •Three-axis massage rollers
  • •Speed adjustments to mimic the hands of a massage therapist
  • •Lumbar heating
  • •Calf and foot massage
  • •Acupressure therapy for additional tension relief
  • •Integrated speakers for an immersive experience
  • •Zero Gravity position
  • •S-track and L-track

The Benefits of 4D Massage Chairs

There are many benefits to 4D massage, including:

  • •Lifelike Massage: Three-axis rollers and speed adjustability recreate the movements and feel of a professional massage therapist. A 4D L-track massage chair also extends further down the spine and under the glutes to massage areas of the body other chairs won’t reach.
  • •Tension Relief: Massage chairs can help alleviate back pain, muscle tension, tension headaches and stiffness. Falling into a state of complete relaxation helps melt away the stress and cares of your day.
  • •Spine Decompression: A 4D Zero Gravity massage chair reduces the force of gravity on your spine, which can help reduce pressure and alleviate pain. If you carry tension in your shoulders and neck, sitting in a zero gravity position can help relax that tension. As a result, stress melts away and circulation improves to give your heart much-needed rest.
  • •Convenience: It’s hard to beat the convenience of having your own “massage therapist” in your living room. Massage chairs allow you to enjoy the relaxation, pain-relieving and stress-reducing benefits of a massage anytime you wish.

2D vs. 3D vs. 4D Massage Chairs Difference

What’s the difference between a 2D, 3D, 4D massage chair? Ultimately, it comes down to pressure and speed. Individual chairs may have special or unique features, but generally, the core design is similar across these three types of massage chairs.

  • •2D Massage Chairs: Rollers move up and down and left to right.
  • •3D Massage Chairs:Rollers move up and down, left to right and into the body to mimic a deep tissue massage.
  • •4D Massage Chairs: Offers the same movement as 3D massage chairs, but also allows you to adjust the speed of the rollers.

Until recently, 2D massage chairs were the only option on the market. Today, 3D and 4D massage chairs are becoming the standard. The ability to control the strength and speed of the rollers allows you to customize your massage experience and enjoy greater benefits.

While the 4D massage chair price is generally higher than the price of a 2D massage chair, it’s worth the expense of enjoying a more effective massage.