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S-Track Massage

Say good-bye to neck and shoulder tension with an S-track massage chair. Designed to follow the curves of your spine, S-track massage chairs offer a deep and thorough massage along the shoulders, neck and back. As the rollers run along your spine, they work diligently to stretch and massage tired, tense and stiff muscles.

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What is an S-Track in Massage Chair?

An S-track follows the natural curve of your spine. Rollers run from the back of the head and neck all the way to the tailbone. The rollers move up and down along this track to massage critical areas of the spine.

S-Track Massage Chairs Features and Benefits

S-track massage chairs come equipped with many features to deliver a relaxing massage experience, such as:

  • •Zero Gravity position
  • •Acupressure therapy
  • •Heated lumbar support
  • •Calf and foot massage
  • •Intuitive remote controls
  • •Built-in speakers

Advanced features help deliver a lifelike massage and a completely immersive relaxation experience.

The benefits of an s-track massage

There are many benefits to using an s-track massage chair, such as:

  • •Precision Motion: S-tracks offer precision motion, so you enjoy a deeper and more thorough massage. S-tracks can reach places other tracks cannot.
  • •Stretch: An S-track massage chair offers a more effective stretch because it follows the curve of your spine.
  • •Relaxation: With its ability to alleviate tension and stiffness along the upper body, S-tracks can help you enter a deep state of relaxation.
  • •Pain Relief: Massage can help alleviate back pain, bringing some much-needed relief in a natural, therapeutic way.With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you want to give an S-track massager chair a try?

With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you want to give an S-track massager chair a try?

S-Track vs. L-Track Massage Difference

Although similar, S-tracks and L-tracks offer different massage experiences.

  • •S-tracks only run along the spine. They extend from the neck down through the tailbone, and they follow the curvature of the spine.
  • •L-tracks also run along the spine, but they extend down underneath the glutes and into the hamstrings.

The extended L-track is ideal for people suffering from sciatica, as it can massage muscles that connect to the thighs, hips and lower back.

Although S-tracks are more limited in their reach, they generally offer a superior massage for the neck and shoulders when compared to standard massage chair tracks.

Some massage chairs offer both S-tracks and L-tracks for a better overall massage experience. When used together, S-tracks and L-tracks can offer a more precise massage along the neck and shoulders while reaching down into the lower body to alleviate tension and stress.