Zero Gravity Recliners

Zero Gravity Recliners (9)

Sitting on a chair all day long shouldn’t be harmful or uncomfortable. Human Touch zero gravity chairs position your body so that you are sitting in the doctor-recommended, healthiest way to sit.

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About Our Zero Gravity Recliners

What makes our zero gravity recliners so perfect? We believe that zero gravity chairs are considered perfect only when they help their owners take better care of their posture, by allowing the spine to maintain a natural and relaxed position. While sitting in a fully-reclining chair, doctors recommend positioning your legs above your heart in order to increase lung capacity and relieve downward pressure on the spine. We carefully crafted our Human Touch zero gravity recliners to replicate this ideal seating position.

Inspired by the zero gravity, or neutral posture, position used by NASA to support astronauts during their launch into orbit, we created our zero gravity recliners to naturally decompress the vertebrae and rejuvenate the spine to help ensure healthy sitting.

Our zero gravity chairs are also made from luxurious yet durable materials, including your choice of premium leather or SōfHyde upholstery. Choosing our ergonomically designed chair for work or relaxation can proactively take care of your health and comfort so that you can feel your best every day.