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3D Massage

3D massage chairs offer adjustability options that help the massage rollers reach deep muscle tissues that are often missed with 2D roller technology. The presence of 3D technology provides a human-like, deep tissue massage that lower-end chairs cannot match.

If you need a deeper, targeted muscle massage, 3D rollers are ideal. Below, you’ll find a list of Human Touch massage chairs that offer 3D massage technology.

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What is a 3D Massage Chair?

3D massage chairs use newer, advanced roller technology to reach deeper into your muscle tissues. If you sit in a 2D massage chair, you'll notice that the surface muscles are the main target of the rollers.

However, the 2D models lack the adjustability users need to go deep into muscle tissues where a massage therapist would reach.

And the rollers can move in a variety of directions:

  • •Up and down the track
  • •The width can be adjusted
  • •In and out

The in and out function mimics the massage a therapist would offer, but you can have a massage in the comfort of your home rather than a therapist's office.

3D Massage Chairs Features and Benefits

Massage chair models are unique, so your chair should have the features you need whether you're using the chair for muscle recovery, general wellness or for injury recovery. The main features to consider are:

  • •S-track: An S-track follows a wave pattern that follows the spine's curvature and will extend to the lower back.
  • •L-track: An L-track 3D massage chair is very similar to an S-track model, but these chairs have rollers and tracks that move down past the glutes and to the top of your hamstrings. The track ends a few inches from the back of the knee.

On top of these two track types, you may find chairs that offer calf and foot massage, wellness programs, acupressure techniques, heat to loosen muscles and relieve pain, speakers and precision controls.

Your chair will offer massage depth and speed adjustments to help you receive the best massage possible. Of course, every chair model is different and has its own key benefits that you need to consider.

A 3D model offers the benefit of:

  • •Targeted massage
  • •Deeper, more intense massage
  • •Greater pain relief
  • •Muscle tension relief
  • •Circulation improvement

If you need a deep, targeted massage, three-dimensional technology will help you reach the often-neglected muscles and tissues that non-3D chairs miss.

There's a lot to consider when choosing the right chair, and for low- to mid-range chairs, you'll need to consider a 2D or 3D model.

3D vs. 2D Massage Chairs: What is the Difference?

A 3D, Zero Gravity massage chair offers an advanced massage, mimics an authentic massage and is a step up from a 2D chair. But what is the difference between a 2D and 3D chair?

2D Massage Chairs

Manufacturers offer base chairs, and for the most part, these are 2D models. When you go from 2D to 3D, you're increasing the:

  • •Massage accuracy
  • •Depth of the massage

Casual users who don't need a deep massage may want to consider a 2D model. The rollers in the chair will massage your surface muscles without going to the deeper muscle tissue. In terms of intensity, a 2D chair is below all other chair types, but they still offer depth and speed adjustments.

3D Massage Chairs

Do you want an advanced massage that goes deeper into your muscle tissues? If so, 3D massage technology is ideal. These chairs feature roller heads that protrude out of the track to massage deeper muscle tissues.

The chairs boasting 3D massage have rollers that move from the neck to the lower back with movements that feel more like a traditional massage.

When you increase the intensity of these chairs, the rollers will protrude out further to help hit those tough-to-reach muscles and tissues that a 2D chair misses. If you're using a massage chair for any of the following, you may prefer 3D technology:
  • •Muscle repair and recovery
  • •Injury recovery
  • Back pain or issues, such as sciatica
The best 3D massage chair will help target muscles and tissues that a 2D chair simply cannot reach. If you want to enjoy a human-like massage with advanced adjustability, 3D technology is your best option.