Human Touch® offers a full line of high-performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners, and targeted relief wellness products designed to not only alleviate
pain, but to decrease stress on a daily basis.

Human Touch® offers a full line of high-performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners, and targeted relief wellness products designed to not only alleviate
pain, but to decrease stress on a daily basis.

Our massage chairs and zero gravity recliners have also been endorsed by the
World Federation of Chiropractic
- which represents the chiropractic profession in the international community- for their powerful ability to optimize spinal health and wellness.

Explore our Perfect Chair®, Ascent Series, WholeBody®, iJOY®, and CirQlation® collections to find the perfect way to help you feel your best, every day.

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Perfect Chair
PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic
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At Human Touch, our vision was to create a chair so extraordinary,
it would deserve to be called the Perfect Chair. By skillfully blending
contemporary architecture with old-world craftsmanship, we laid
the foundation for the chair’s bold yet classic look. We then
integrated our unique zero gravity technology to create a complete
seating concept that transcends common comfort.

Our Perfect Chair models feature a choice of either manual or
power recline, SōfHyde or Premium Leather pad sets, and three
upholstery packages that offer options for Power-Adjustable
Lumber Support, Memory Foam PLUS seating, a Tuxedo Back
Cover, Jade Heat, and 3D EasePoint™ technology.

Aesthetically and technically, the Perfect Chair reflects Human
Touch’s commitment to creating products of superior quality and
value. The result is a chair that uniquely and beautifully combines
form and function—perfectly.

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Gravis ZG Chair
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For the wellness-seeker who wants it all, meet our ZG Chair
collection of zero gravity chairs. These zero gravity chairs feature
the same amazing benefits that you'll find in our Perfect Chair
collection, but also offer options for Air Massage, Multiple Heat
Zones, Beyond Zero Gravity Seating, and more! Enjoy both
soothing, neutral-posture pain relief and exceptional control of
your seating comfort.

Learn more about our ZG Chair collection here.
Novo XT2 Massage Chair
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Our premium Ascent Series collection is designed to help you
maintain an active lifestyle and bookend your daily routine with
relaxation and rejuvenation, empowering you to feel your best.

This top-of-the-line Ascent Series collection features
high-performance massage chairs used in many professional
fitness, healthcare, and luxury hospitality environments, with
models that feature options for S- and L-Track massage, 3D and
4D Massage Programs, Premium Altec Lansing Sound Systems,
Alexa capability with Virtual Therapist™, and more!

Learn more about our Ascent Series collection here.
WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair
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Built with patented systems and revolutionary technologies, our
WholeBody collection of industry-leading massage chairs delivers
unmatched therapeutic advantages that help people be their best
and feel their best.

Featuring clean lines and an intuitive remote control, each model
offers unique options including 3D FlexGlide® Massage Technology,
Patented Warm Air Technology, a Foot and Calf Massager, Zero
Gravity seating, and a BodyMap PRO® Remote.

Learn more about our WholeBody collection here.
iJOY Total Massage
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Our iJOY collection offers powerful massage with ultimate
convenience, suited for any sized living space. Designed for full-body
wellness in a compact chair, the iJOY is a great option in any home or
work space.

With features including an S-Track system, Extending Foot and Calf
Massager, Powerful FlexGlide 360 Massage Technology, Air Massage
and more, iJOY is a feature-packed option to help you feel your best!

Learn more about our iJOY collection here.
Reflex SWING Pro Foot,
Calf, and Thigh Massager
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The average person takes about 3,000 steps per day. That means
your poor feet and calves have their jobs cut out for them, even
without factoring in things like exercise, racing to meetings, and
restrictive footwear.

Human Touch answers the call for relief with our advanced
CirQlation collection of foot and calf massagers that deliver
targeted relief to some of the body's most stressed muscles and
joints. Beyond delivering unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation,
our targeted relief products provide measurable health and
wellness benefits that will keep you walking tall.

Our CirQlation collection offers models that feature a variety of
options for Auto-Massage Programs, Under-Foot Reflexology,
Vibration, Patented Warm Air Technology, Figure-Eight® and
CirQlation Technologies, Washable Easy Sleeves™, and even a
model with an Adjustable Swing Arm to allow for a foot, calf, and
thigh massage!

Learn more about our CirQlation collection here.

Meet Dr. John Maltby, Board Member for
the World Federation of Chiropractic and
Human Touch Wellness Council Member

In its ongoing commitment to enhancing the wellness of consumers everywhere, Human Touch also
offers a Wellness Council. Through the Wellness Council, Human Touch has brought together
influential individuals with a variety of wellness experiences and expertise to educate people about
how to achieve a healthier and happier life by integrating massage, relaxation, sound posture, and
balance into their daily routine. click here to learn more about our Wellness Council.