Healthcare Referral Rewards Program

ENHANCE YOUR PRACTICE with therapeutic comfortable seating in your waiting or treatment rooms.

INCREASE PATIENT SATISFACTION by offering extended treatment in your office and in their homes.

BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE with an additional, health-related, easy revenue stream.

Human Touch ships, installs, and takes care of customer service for the patient

Patient enjoys chair in your office
Patient orders on using your unique healthcare discount code
Human Touch ships directly to patient's home
Human touch sends you rewards via ACH

Simple and Easy

  • Earn up to 10% unlimited cash rewards
  • Exclusive discounts on chairs for your office
  • Human Touch handles all inventory, logistics, and customer service
  • In-office marketing and educational materials provided

Featured Healthcare In-Office Chair

Offered at an additional cost


Wellness Solutions For Your Business.
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Featured Human Touch Chairs for your Patient's Home

  • Super Novo 2.0
  • WholeBody® ROVE
  • WholeBody® 8.0
  • Perfect Chair® PC-610

Meet Dr. John Maltby, President of the World Federation of Chiropractic and Human Touch Wellness Council Member