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Recovery is not a trend…it’s a necessity.

For over 40 years, we’ve developed state-of-the-art massage and neutral posture products designed to deliver relief and recovery benefits of massage to people on a daily basis. By combining advanced technology with attractive design, Human Touch provides innovative products and experiences that deliver life changing benefits.

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We’ll START by talking about your members and where they’ll be able to comfortably recover and find the relief they need.
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We’ll talk about ROI and provide curated and self-service options based on the revenue model at your facility.

If you aren’t sure, we’ll build a revenue model with a selection of chairs, predicted use patterns, and add-on packages.
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Adding Human Touch chairs has increased revenue for my gym by allowing the sales team to offer enhanced memberships.

Steve Roten
Franchise Owner of Gold's Gym in Jackson, TN
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We wanted to offer a premium experience to our members but needed to minimize contact with staff in our facilities. Human Touch gave us a simple solution in their massage chairs and kiosks. They integrate with our current software management system and allow us to provide exceptional service to our customers. I couldn’t be happier.

Troy Freet
Chief Information Officer, EoS Fitness
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The quality and performance of Human Touch chairs are exactly what we need for our members to recover from their training, and recover from life in general. The ROI is absolutely there in recovery rooms when you use A+ products like Human Touch. They will help you with a plan and implementation. You don't have to spend a ton of money for a recovery area, but you need A+ products and great support.

Eric Schreimann
CEO, Club Fitness

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Adding Human Touch to a recovery zone is simple
Our products work hand in hand with other recovery tools
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    Percussion Therapy
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    Compression Therapy

You can have it all!

3-year warranty | Parts, Labor, Service
If Human Touch cannot repair your chair,
we will replace it with a new unit

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