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Pregnancy is a time for excitement and anticipation, but for many women, it can also include physical symptoms that make it difficult to sleep, stand, and sit comfortably. Back pain in pregnant women often increases as the baby inside you grows and your body makes room, gains weight, shifts your center of gravity, and relaxes soft tissues that make your spine less stable. Stress during pregnancy can also manifest as muscle tension and stiffness, which contributes to back pain.

The good news? There are safe ways to deal with this pain and discomfort without harming yourself or your baby. One way to induce relaxation and take pressure off the back and spine is with a massage chair for pregnant women.

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Benefits of a Massage Chairs for Pregnant Women

Doctor-approved massage can complement an existing therapy regimen to deal with pain during pregnancy; a regimen that may include physical and chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and heat and cold applications. Both the weightless sensation and the sweeping, relaxing strokes of a zero gravity massage chair for a pregnant woman can:

  • • Foster better sleep
  • • Improve mood
  • • Relieve nerve pain
  • • Increase circulation
  • • Alleviate joint swelling
  • • Reduce pressure on the spine and lower back

Human Touch Massage Chairs for Pregnant Women

Our zero gravity recliners enable pregnant women to sit in various positions that minimize the stress on their lower back and bottom and encourage blood flow to swollen ankles and feet by elevating the legs. The air massage technology found in our award-winning Gravis ZG Chair allows you to target gentle pressure to key trigger areas. At the same time, multiple heat zones help relax your muscles, soothe joints, and melt away your pain.

NOTE: Pregnant women should avoid fully-reclined positions in our zero gravity chairs. Consult your physician before using any Human Touch massage products.