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Wellness Council

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

From doctors to professional athletes, wellness practitioners to natural healers, the esteemed Human Touch Wellness Council helps shape and guide our products, mission and efforts to create solutions that inform and benefit professionals, sports-enthusiasts, back pain sufferers and consumers alike. Sharing their experiences of incorporating massage and wellness into their own lives, the Wellness Council provides invaluable insight on taking control of our daily lives, maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit, and maximizing overall health and wellness.

Meet our Wellness Council Members

Practicing what They Preach

Who better to guide and shape our products and massage programs than the people who understand their value and actually use them themselves? Our Wellness Council is an invaluable resource in creating wellness innovations that solve practical problems. Serving as an independent sounding board and expert panel, we rely on these visionaries to understand real needs and create real solutions.

Whether we’re looking to create the perfect massage program to promote deeper, more restorative sleep, or seek an athlete’s perspective on what can help them perform at their best, our Wellness Council is always our first and best call.