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Human Touch®Massage Chairs

For over 45 years, Human Touch has constructed the wellness landscape, building a rich portfolio of high-performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners, and targeted massage products that rejuvenate the mind and body - no matter where the day may take you.

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Super Novo massage chair in cream
For more than four decades, Human Touch has helped people to feel their best. Every day.
Human Touch massage chair owners who have either reduced or eliminated the need for pain medication after buying their chair.
Massage chair owners who feel that their levels of stress relief have decreased since purchasing their chair.
Average length of time Perfect Chair owners spend sleeping in their recliner each day.
Perfect Chair®
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Perfect Chair PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic Animation
Zero gravity seating reclines the body into a neutral posture position for ultimate back pain relief, and expands lung capacity for deeper, more relaxed breathing.
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Wellness Council
From doctors to professional athletes, wellness practitioners to natural healers, the Human Touch Wellness Council helps shape and guide our products, mission and efforts to create solutions that inform and benefit professionals, sports-enthusiasts, back pain sufferers and consumers alike.
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