Perfect Chair® Memory Foam PLUS

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Memory Foam PLUS delivers luxurious quality and high-density plush seating at every ergonomic angle. The premium, responsive memory foam maximizes ultimate comfort and provides ideal support while it contours your entire body. Please Note: The Memory Foam PLUS is compatible with the following Perfect Chair models: PC-420, PC-600 and PC-610.
  • Contours Your Body to Optimize Pressure Distribution
  • Quick to Conform Yet Maintains a Plush Feeling
  • Enhanced High-Density Lumbar Support

Up to 24 months

Standard Warranty


Delivery to your door


Based in California

The Memory Foam PLUS pad system will take your Perfect Chair to a whole new level by conforming to the contours of your body enhancing your comfort. Sit back and relax!

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Tech Specs

Shipping Box Dimensions38"L x 29"W x 6"H
Part Number(s) Memory Foam PLUS Kit for PC-610/PC-420: PC-000-401-012

Memory Foam PLUS Kit for PC-600: PC-000-401-013
Gross weight (in the box)10lbs
Lower Foam Dimensions 36"L x 27"W x 3"H
Upper Foam Dimensions 23"L x 29"W x 3"H