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Touching Testimonial: Pain medication free for the first time in years.

Lets start out with the chair: it is very solidly built and easy to use. It takes up about the same space as my old recliner. The automatic adjustment (with manual controls too) for shoulder height makes the chair fit my 5' tall wife and my 6'3" height too. In the automatic modes the chair self-adjusts for height (in manual mode you set height yourself). We both use the chair for 20 minutes in the morning and evening.

Why did we get the chair? My wife has sciatica. I have had chronic pain for over 20 years. Initially just hand pain, but in the last 7 years in all joints (osteoarthritis, most noticeable in my ankles, knees, hips, hands, and back). In the past year or so I have also developed some numbness in my feet. My doctors had me take Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs for years, which helped but, I ended up with a bleeding ulcer 4 years ago. Since then I've been taking prescription pain relievers to keep pain levels low enough to allow me to work, and to be able to sleep. I kept up exercise, but over time that too suffered.

Last month my wife and I basically just stumbled on a demo of the [Novo] XT2 at Costco . After a short demo my back pain was reduced, and her sciatica noticeably better. So we ordered it. We figured if all it did was help her sciatica that would be well worth it. The chair arrived (white glove service is great) and we set about understanding how to use it for our best results.

It took about 10 days to figure out what worked best for us, and then things just started getting better. My wife's sciatica pain is largely gone. The pain in my ankles, hips, and back are much better, also almost gone. I am now pain medication free for the first time in years. In fact yesterday I was able to mow my yards for the first time in years without suffering hours of pain.

I think the proper ending for my review is to say ... thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU Human Touch.

- Charles W.

2020-04-29 09:39:03
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