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How a Zero Gravity Chair Works

If you suffer from back pain or aching, sore muscles, you may be considering a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity (ZG) chairs are scientifically designed to take pressure off the spine, and they can help speed up the healing process if you’re recovering from an injury or challenging workout.

But if you’ve never had the chance to sit in one of these recliners, you may be wondering, “what are zero gravity seats?” and “how do zero gravity chairs work?”

What is Zero Gravity Seating?

When you first hear the term “zero gravity,” a few questions may come to mind:

  • What does zero gravity chair mean?
  • What is the purpose of a zero gravity chair?

Zero gravity seating puts your body into a position where your legs are elevated above your heart and your knees are slightly bent. When your body is in this position, your weight is evenly distributed, which helps alleviate pressure.

Just as its name suggests, this position minimizes the gravitational forces on the body. And not surprisingly, this type of seating was designed for astronauts to help alleviate the immense pressure put on the body during a space launch.

Zero Gravity vs. Anti Gravity Chair

In your quest to learn more about ZG seating, you may have also heard of “anti gravity” chairs. What’s the difference between the two? Nothing. Both terms are used interchangeably and describe the same thing.

How Zero Gravity Chairs Work

You understand what they are, but how do ZG recliners work? Let’s use our Perfect Chairs line as an example.

When your first sit down in a Perfect Chair, you start in an upright position. With the touch of a button, you can move into the zero gravity position, which:

  • Elevates your legs above your heart
  • Allows your knees to bend and rest in a comfortable position

When you’re in this position, it takes the pressure off of your spine and allows you to truly relax. In addition, because your legs are elevated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Our Perfect Chair recliners take this experience to the next level by offering extra features, like:

  • 3D EasePoint™ Technology for even weight distribution and enhanced comfort (available with our Supreme upholstery package).
  • Far-infrared jade stone heat system to ease tension and stress when you’re in zero gravity (available with our Supreme upholstery package).
  • Lumbar support to help alleviate back pain and promote good posture (available with our Supreme and Performance upholstery packages).
  • Memory foam PLUS for extra comfort and support (available with our Supreme and Performance upholstery packages).

Now that you understand what ZG chairs are and how they work, let’s explore some of the benefits of this position.

How Zero Gravity Chairs Impact Your Health

Do ZG chairs really work? If so, why should you sit in this position? How does it benefit your body?

These chairs can impact your health in many ways. Here’s how.

Better Circulation

Zero gravity seats can help improve circulation. How? When your legs are elevated above your heart, your veins don’t have to work as hard to pump blood back to your heart.

Improved circulation not only gives your veins a rest, but it also helps get more oxygen and nutrients to your organs and muscles to speed up healing. If you’re recovering from an injury, this position can help support your recovery.

Better blood flow can also help reduce varicose veins and swelling in the legs.

Less Back Pain

One of the greatest benefits of this position is that it helps with lower back pain. Zero gravity helps decompress the spine and reduces muscle tension. There’s less pressure on your intervertebral discs, which helps alleviate pain.

Because your weight is evenly distributed, it helps ease tension and pain in the back and upper back as well. 

Deeper Relaxation

It’s easier for your body to fall into a deep state of relaxation when you’re in the zero gravity position. Along with easing muscle tension and taking pressure off your spine, sitting in this position also makes it easier for your lungs to expand into a fuller position. Because more oxygen can reach your lungs, you can take deeper and more relaxed breaths.

Final Thoughts

Zero gravity chairs and recliners help you relax and decompress the spine for pain and tension relief. They achieve this by placing your body into a neutral position that minimizes the impact of gravity. So, the next time you’re suffering with back pain and muscle tension, take a seat in the ZG position to get some much-needed relief.

2022-06-17 16:32:14