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Setting Up The Ideal Nap Time by Maurice Allen

One of the biggest questions and decisions for most adults “nap or keep going and crash later?” We have all been faced with this question on several occasions and obviously the answer is different for each individual based on their situation but here are a few of my experiences and hopefully you find them helpful.

I have always been an early riser so I wake up between 430 and 530 every morning so by the time the middle of the day comes sometimes I am out of gas. I have always fought with the idea of naps. What should be the length of my nap? Should I take the nap in the bed or couch? Should the tv be on or off?

When it comes to the length of my nap if always struggle, I’ve unfortunately called everything from 15 min to 2 hrs a nap and I know that’s not the case. So I looked back at the origin of problem to see what was really the need I was having so I could understand the goal of the nap. Sleep is for you body to recover but a nap is for you mind and body to recharge. I found that the longer or later in the day that I took my naps the harder it was for me to sleep that night which threw everything else off for me. So when looking at my naps I had to categorize each situation. Was my body tired and need of the recharge vs my mind tired and in need. I found that my Human Touch massage chair suppled the solution to both and had an answer to all the questions I had above my nap situation.

The length of the nap was easily addressed in the settings 10, 20 or 30 min. Each one is based on what I have going on at that moment. It I find myself mentally just frustrated or out of it but my body is good I do a 10 min session. I used the meditation setting I’ve got the calming sounds going in the speakers and I just let my mind drift and not think. This normally allows me to clear my mind and get rid of the frustration I’m having from looking at a problem the same way and not finding a solution. Some times I will even use the 20 min setting if I find myself just not being able to let it go completely. But the key for me is to mentally be in a different state when I leave the chair. My mind should be at peace and have more clarity and eventually I will find a way to solve the problem I’m having.

On the bed or on the couch, the answer is neither! Your Human Touch massage chair has the best ability to get your body in a state of being totally relaxed. The zero gravity feature allows every inch of your body to be relaxed and get the rest and rejuvenation needed. Don't get my wrong, the bed is a great place to take a nap but sometimes it can be a trap. Many time you will find yourself staying in the bed longer than you expected. This isn’t to say that your chair isn’t comfortable and that you can’t spend hours sleeping in your chair. The biggest difference is training. You have been conditioned your entire life to sleep in your bed 6-8 hours everyday vs chairs which have been a place you just relax. So you will get a nap in the chair and as it gently rocks back to the upright position from the zero gravity cradle you will have a reminder that it is time to get up.

Last question: tv off or on? You chair gives your the ability to use the speakers so you can have a variety of sounds that best calm and stimulate you. This is one of the best features of personalization because of the Bluetooth you can pair it with any device you wish to make it a truly unique experience. I like to pair it with my phone and have podcast or music playing while I nap at a low volume so it doesn’t distract me from from my recharge session. The other part that I like is just in case I fall asleep and don’t feel the chair go back to it’s upright position I will hear my alarm go off in the speakers and wake me up so I can get back going with my day.

My Super Novo chair has been such a great asset to my day to day life. I have definitely found a way to incorporate into 2-3 uses per day which has helped both my mental and physical performance. Thank you so much for reading this month’s section of the recovery corner I hope it was helpful in you wellness journey.


Maurice Allen

World Long Drive Champion 

WLD Tour Champion 

Long Drivers European Tour Champ

American Cancer Society Ambassador 

Boys & Girls Club of America Ambassador 

Former Guinness World Record Holder

2022-12-29 16:38:46
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